Ubi Franklin slaps comedian for making joke about him


Nigerian comedian, Omini Aho has claimed that music executive, Ubi
Franklin, assaulted him at the backstage after an event in Lagos.
According to the comedian, he made a joke about Ubi Franklin at an
event, but Ubi was not having it and after his performance, Ubi
Franklin came backstage and landed him with a heavy slap.
In his words: “The job of a comedian is to find humour in every
situation and put it out for the audience, I did a joke yesterday and
Ubi came backstage and jacked me, I was trying to be calm because I
didn’t want to disrupt Acapella’s show, the next thing was a slap
Ubi don slap Omini Aho, chia, as I wan retaliate Na so bouncer hold
us, I think Ubi don bribe the bouncer, I have nothing personal about
Ubi before then but now, I have everything personal against him, the
truth is that the joke is always on something or someone, no comedian
goes out with the intention of hurting anyone, the aim is to generate
laughter but Ubi has shown that his mind is quick to anger as his
If we want to go by Ubi’s way, Tubaba would have killed almost every
comedian, Donald Trump would have killed almost every comedian,
especially in America, open your mind, it’s just a joke.”

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