2 Economies: Knowledge  versus religion


There are basically two economies in the world and every nation on the
face of the earth fall under either of them.
These are:
* The Knowledge Economy
* The Religion Economy
The rich and prosperous nations of the world belong to the Knowledge
Economy while the the poorest and poverty stricken nations of the
world belong to the Religion Economy.
The Knowledge Economy is one that engages the brain, asks relevant
questions, and proffer solutions to problems.
The Religion Economy is one that blackmails God and dumps every
responsibilities on Him.
The Knowledge Economy tasks the brain, the Religion Economy numbs the brain.
Japan, for example, is a Knowledge Economy. It has no natural
resources but it is a prosperous nation, one of the richest on the
At least six of every ten cars on Nigeria’s roads today are Japanese cars.
Japan is not a religious country, but it is one of the most
corruption-free nations.
China is not a religious country, but nations that ignore China today
do so to their own peril.
Nigeria falls under Religion Economy, everything depends on God.
Nigeria is one of the most endowed nations with natural resources on
the face of the earth, yet also among the poorest.
Nigeria wears proudly the badge of the “poverty capital of the world”
and is one of the most corrupt nations on the face of the earth.
It is also one of the most religious countries on the planet.
It is a nation where everything depends on God, and God watches in
disgust as we mortgage our brains.
Even security agencies that are constitutionally funded from budgets
look up to God to carry out their duties.
But here is the irony.
The two major religions of the world, Christianity and Islam, emanated
from Israel and Saudi Arabia respectively.
But none of those two nations fall under Religion Economy.
One of the evidences of their subscription to Knowledge Economy is the
yearly pilgrimages that generate for them revenues in billions of
But hypocritically stupid nations like Nigeria are comfortable
disseminating nuisance to humanity with their glamorization of the
Religion Economy.
People elected and empowered to do a job will turn around and ask
those who elected them to pray.
God is disgusted with Religion Economy.
There’s a reason He gave man brain and instructed him to subdue the earth.
If you’re a Christian who does not commit yourself to the pursuit of
knowledge your life will become a perfect reflection of Nigeria.
That’s a fact!
It is an illusion to anticipate wisdom where people do not pay
attention to Knowledge.

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