Land Rover @ 70: See the 7 most outstanding models!


Celebration makes life merrier. And when the reason for the occasion
is being in business for 70 years, you go all out because 70 long
years do not come cheap. This is the story of Land Rover. The proudly
British brand has been blazing the trail in the automotive industry
for seven decades. If you think age has a toll on it, you are wrong.
If anything, Land Rover is like fine wine; it gets better with time.
In the spirit of celebration, Naijauto has handpicked 7 Land Rover
models that made the most impact over the 70 years of its existence.
1. Range Rover Classic (1970)
The Range Rover emerged on the stables of Land Rover in 1970. That was
the beginning of the luxury category the world fell in love with. Its
popularity was steadily on the rise due to its comfort.
The Range Rover classic was the first luxury model from Land Rover.
Having a horsepower of 132, one cannot say that the carbureted
3.5-liter engine was such a powerhouse. But its exquisite cabin made
up for what it lacked in power. At the time, not many cars could boast
of such design.
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2. Land Rover 110 (1983)
Truth be told, not many products from Land Rover are as memorable as
the Defender 110. Production of the Defender started in 1983. It got
named after its wheelbase with a length measurement of 110 inches i.e
2,800 mm in comparison with the Defender 90 which is smaller with a
wheelbase measurement of 93 inches i.e 2, 362 mm.
The Land Rover 110 was named after the length of its wheel base.
Out of all the units of the Land Rover 110 produced, only 500 of them
got into the US. Hence, it was a model more collectible than its
counterparts. The Defender offered a V8 3.9-liter engine which
complemented its manual transmission of five speeds. Other features of
the Defender were coil springs, external rollcage,
all-wheel-drive-system and a 2-speed transfer box among others. To
this day, the 110 retains its position as a legend in Land Rover’s
To be continued

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