Chezan Nze reveals how female celebrities are lured out of their marriages by wealthy men

Nollywood actress Chezan Nze has exposed the skeletons in the
entertainment sphere. In an Instagram post, she gave a detailed
narration on how female celebrities are lured out of their marriages
by wealthy men.
Chinenye Esther Anakpulu Nze better known, Chezan Nze has said she is
not so much of a sex freak and can comfortably stay about 3 to 4 years
without sex.
“As a single lady, wondering how I cope on lonely cold nights? I love
my solitude and I cuddle at least 10pillows around me every night. I
am not a fan of sex toys. They don’t work for me at all. Trust me, I
can stay for about 3 to 4 years without sex,” she said in a recent
interview with KFN.
Also speaking on the notion that actresses can’t keep a home because
they sleep around, Nze confirmed the assertion, adding that being in
the limelight attracts all kinds of men to female stars.
“Yes the truth about it is, being in limelight attracts a lot of men.
So many people watch you on TV, read about you and also might have
interest in you and are willing to pay the Price to have you.
Most of them confused lust for desires. It takes a very intelligent
and smart woman to use her fame to yield great income married or not
married. Being carried away by money offers will only make you an item
for sale for the rest of their lives. I believe you don’t need 100men
to give you life time goals.
One person God has chosen to make you, can raise you and support your
dreams. If Kylie Jenner can use her fame to become the youngest female
billionaire. A lot can do that if one knows her worth and gets the
right support from whom loves her,” she added.

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