Cristiano Ronaldo’s hairdresser’ stabbed to death


Ricardo Marques Ferreira who Portugal’s tabloid Correio da Manha
described as ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’s hairdresser’ was named as the murder
His body was reportedly found by a cleaner at a business hotel in
Zurich’s Albisrieden neighbourhood around 2pm on Friday, November 1,
2019. Mr. Ricardo was found in bed with multiple stab wounds.
The celebrity hairdresser nicknamed Caju had been living in Zurich for
the past two years and had been staying at the hotel where he was
killed for around a week, according to Mail Online.
Police have since arrested a 39-year-old suspect who is understood to
be a Brazilian national.
Authorities described the scene as ‘horrific’, with reports the room
he was in smelt intensely of alcohol.
Back in September 2015, Ricardo Marques Ferreira from the island of
Madeira shared a photo on social media of him putting the final
touches to the Cristiano’s look during a photoshoot.
Portuguese media reports say he also worked with models and Portuguese
actresses as well.

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