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Gucci Shoes: Weird display of patriotism


By Adetunji Ayobrown

All animals are equal but it seems some are more equal than others, if
you doubt this statement read through this. For some time now,
Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has been seen to be enforcing the
patronage of ‘made in Nigeria’ foods and goods without any clear or
cut-out strategy in order to cushion the effects of such harsh
policies on the lives of Nigerians. To be candid, my take is that any
government policy without human face to it is not a good policy.
Enforcing some policies are easier said than done, without human face,
these unpopular alteration to economic growth, many believed is
blindly enforced on those at the lower strata of the societal ladder,
while high profiled government officials are playing to the gallery
and doing nothing but the opposite of what they preached and the
policy demands. What right does the like of Mr President have that
other ordinary Nigerians do not have when it comes to obeying the laws
of the country? This, I can assure you is the very pertinent question
on the lips of many citizens as they resigned to fate.
Between hope and hopelessness, where are we? This happens to be the
conclusion of the Nigerian masses as they ponder on the saga around
President Muhammadu Buhari’s designer Gucci shoes. Gucci is a known
name in the world of fashion, if not one of the best designers in the
world. Surely, belief can change worlds and shape lives but when over
flogged, it can also make us blind, and this is why many faulted the
Being nice sometimes is a rip-off as many tend to see this in bad light.
Where is the new Nigeria you promised us? Asking our president, many
whose foreign and imported foods and goods were confiscated or
destroyed by President Buhari’s administration will not wish the
administration well or pray for it but you and I know how and what
these Nigerians would be saying in their inner minds. It is a case of
if you will not help me, why not leave me alone?
Like Diezani, like Buhari, what’s the difference? It is probably a
case of kettle calling pot black. Their insatiable tastes for foreign
products can never be curbed, weird don’t you think? A friend tweeted.
That a pair of Gucci shoes worth $640 (N223,905) at a time like this
when US dollar is $1 to N345 is okay for him is not funny at all
especially in the corridor of the anticorruption warlord.
Nigeria’s request for Alison-Madueke’s extradition is notable given
it’s a major change of tact. Three years still after she was first
arrested in London on money laundering charges, Nigeria is still
looking for ways to bring home its former oil minister, Diezani
Alison-Madueke, to face corruption charges.  She has been in London
since 2015 after being released on bail and having her international
passport seized after her arrest. She served as Nigeria’s minister of
petroleum. Now back to the President’s Gucci shoes, how many of such
Gucci shoes did Diezani also she rocked in her days? Only God knows!
Buhari too should remember that nothing last forever, I didn’t say
that too, Uhmmmp. In October 2017, Abubakar Malami, Nigeria’s
attorney-general, claimed there was “no need” to extradite
Alison-Madueke” since the UK government is already investigating her.”
Indeed, the government claimed bringing Alison-Madueke back would
interfere with investigations in London.
Then this! It is impossible! Again, another two weeks of holiday, many
could not believe it, as their dear president flew to London to meet
the queen. Or how best can anyone arrange the news in his or her
brain, on hearing the news. Every effort deserves its reward…now you
know; what you thought was just anything is in fact good news to many
Nigerians. Buhari too, the incumbent (two times) minister of
petroleum, sounds a kind of… If you ask me, I know nothing. But
similarities of this kind seem more than coincidence, don’t you think
so too? It is not me but some Nigerians that asked the question.
After all, his kids schooled in England, his wife just returned from a
3-month UK stay. His daughter gave birth to his grandchild in Spain
(made in Spain someone said), yet Buhari is back in London, but wants
us to patronise made in Nigeria everything (hospitals, shoes, food,
clothes, among others), who is fooling who? Who will save Nigeria?
According to a statement credited to Reno Omokri making jest of the
president on patronage of Nigerian goods teachings, “Buhari is made in
London indeed. Considering what is being preached by him, the family
and his family seem to be doing the very opposite. Who no like better
things? Yes, it is okay for President to be made in London just
because he is the number one citizen or because he has more than
necessary. The likes of Okri can never lack reasons to keep mocking
President Buhari if he continues with this trend. To be frank, if that
much can be spend on just a pair of shoes, only God knows how many of
such shoes alone our president have in his closets, imagine, an old
Little wonder when someone said there is nothing to do except to leave
our case to God. In fact, many seem to have no choice but ride it out
until it is over.
And all these noises are just on shoes, what about Gucci rice, am sure
that is what our president must be eating too, for him and his vice,
food only in 2020 budget to gulp nothing less than N149million in a
twelve calendar months. I tell you, nothing less than Gucci of
anything must be for our dear president to live long, I laugh in
How far really is heaven self? I have asked this question too often,
provisions in next year’s budget where his foreign trips will cost
over N2billion will buy something better than this mere two hundred
and twenty thousand naira worth of a Gucci shoes, Nigerians better
wash out.
Between made in Kano and Gucci Shoes, which one would you choose,
though, no one is saying he should not, if and only it is a gift, but
if not, is not only sending but also showing a very wrong signal to
millions of Nigerians who believed in his administration style
God dey oh’, a quarter of a million Nigeria naira for a pair of shoes
of Mr President of a country where N30,000 is too much as minimum wage
should rather be doctored for some categories of its labour force
before payment. Kai, try to live your words, walk your talk is the
message from Nigerians sir.
Where is the messiah all Nigerians voted in 2015? These were messages
that flashed through my mind on hearing the news that someone like
president Buhari whom many Nigerians like me thought and trust to lead
us out of the woods. Peradventure after the Supreme Court judgement,
many ‘Kuku Ma’ no have option or choice, my Hausa brother said.
Practise what you preach. After all, former president Olusegun
Obasanjo wore made in Nigeria clothes and shoes as president. We need
to help this country for crying out loud. Leaders should not only show
the way, they must lead the way.
I don’t want to lose my head; I mean the one attached to my head, in
valour there is hope.
I pity ordinary Nigerians.

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