You don’t have to read, go for lectures always to make first class  – Unilorin graduate with 25 prizes

It is no longer news that the Better by Far University (Unilorin)
produced 130 first class graduates during the institution’s 35th
Convocation ceremonies, however, among those scholars was a certain
Abubakar Halimah Opeyemi, from the Faculty of Clinical Sciences who
swept everyone off their feet by claiming 25 prizes.
Among those who were surprised by the remarkable achievements of
Halimah was the Kwara State Deputy Governor, Mr Kayode Alabi who
instantly asked to take a photograph with the medical graduate.
In this interview with the NEWS EDITOR, ADEBAYO OLODAN, Halimah, who
hails from Oke-Ode, Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State,
talks about how she was able to achieve the feat.

You just claimed 25 prizes at the 35th Convocation of the University
of Ilorin, how were you able to achieve that feat?
First and foremost, I am most grateful to God and really it is about
extensive hard work and experience.
What was your reading habit like as an undergraduate?
Well, there is this false notion that to be the best, you have to read
for 24 hours but that is totally wrong. All you need is to realise
early. What work best for you and the best time you can assimilate.
As an undergraduate, do you normally read with your colleagues or you
study alone?
Sometimes it is better to discuss with people after reading
alone so as to consolidate whatever you may have read.
On a stretch, how many hours does it take you to study?
It depends really; usually I take breaks in between to watch movies,
TV series and meditate. So, it is hard to say how many hours I read on
a stretch.
Which secondary school did you attend and which year did you graduate?
I attended Stephen’s Fountain College at Asa Dam Road, Ilorin and I
graduated in 2012. I sat for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation
Examination (UTME) and I also gained admission same year on my first
Do you have a boyfriend?
(Smiles) Yes, I do.
How were you able to cope with your studies despite having a boyfriend?
Yeah, I keep saying you should know what works best for you; being the
best does not mean you can’t be social or have a life outside your
Do you socialise as an undergraduate?
Seriously speaking, I attended events on and off campus as an undergraduate.
After graduation, what is your next plan?
I will likely go into practice or go for further studies abroad.
Your advice to undergraduates who intend to succeed like you
You need to discover yourself in terms of what works best for you.
Some people belief to come out with good grades, you must not skip
lectures and that you must read for 24 hours but things does not work
out like that. You only need to realise on time what is the best
situation for you to study.

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