BEAUTY TIPS: Slay your eyebrows with 13 hints


Nowadays, eyebrows have become the centre of attention. If sometimes
you feel like despite the makeup and all the beauty tips you follow
there is something your face still lacking, it is probably because you
haven’t gotten the right design for your eyebrows.
Here there are things you should know about the maintenance and
arrangement of your eyebrows:
1. Locate the arch of your eyebrow to achieve a better design
The design of your eyebrows completely changes your look, so the first
thing you should do is locate the highest point of your eyebrows with
a pencil.
2. Choose the design that fits the best with the shape of your face
3. Always have a special brush for your eyebrows
4. Choose an eyebrow design that is appropriate to the shape of your eyes
5. Not all beautiful eyebrows should be thick
6. Paint the bow with greater strength than the beginning of the eyebrow
7. When you shave your eyebrow do not get too close to the mirror
8. Eyebrows are sisters, not twins
9. Wet your eyeshadow a bit with hair spray
10. Always choose the most natural and similar colour to your hair
11. Consider the separation of your eyebrows in relation to the shape
of your nose
12. Always draw the bottom line of the eyebrow to highlight the complete design
13. In the end always create “lights” in your eyebrows with a lighter
corrector than the color of your skin
Once you have finished designing, painting and fixing your eyebrow,
always create lights with clear corrector. Draw below the arch, the
separation between the eyebrows and above also, just a little to give
a more clean and natural finish to your makeup.

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