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Sack of Nigerian player for impregnating Slovenian club’s president’s daughter; my verdict


With Adebayo Olodan

Over the years, Nigeria -Africa’s most populous nation- 0has produced
some top rate strikers who scored goals for fun in Europe, Asia and
Africa Leagues. Many will remember the late Rashidi Yekini who rattled
nets in Ivory Coast, Spain, Portugal and also Switzerland. There is
another certain Obafemi Martins better known as Obagol who
consistently hit the back of the net for Internazionale in Italy,
Newcastle Utd in England and Wolfsburg in Germany. Martins before his
retirement lately also scored some goals in China and the United
States of America.
Following the exploits of Yekini, Martins and others, Nigerian players
have continued to attract interest from scouts, agents and coaches of
European clubs.
However, of late, some Nigerian players appeared to have digressed
from what they are paid to do on the football pitch. Some of our
players in recent times have been demonstrating their skills by
‘scoring in the other room’ (apology to President Muhammadu Buhari).
It started with Martins impregnating Abigail Barwuah, the younger
sister of his then teammate at Inter Milan, the troublesome Mario
And now, an unnamed Nigerian footballer in the Second Division in
Slovenia was said to have impregnated the daughter of the club
President.  The development according to report has led to the sack of
the player leaving him without a job.
The club was said to have hinged their dismissal of the unnamed player
on ‘gross misconduct’.
Beyond sacking the player, the club and the president were said to
have gone a step further by forcing the young girl to block her lover
on all social media platforms to avoid further communication between
According to a publication on the player admitted
that he impregnated the lady, but considers it illegal to terminate
his contract over the affair.
Below is an excerpt of his quotes:
“ I signed a three-year deal with the option of another year but last
month I ran into trouble when my girlfriend who happens to be the
daughter of the president said she was pregnant for me.
“The club got to know about it and summoned me for a meeting. I got
there and admitted that I am responsible for the pregnancy and I was
told to stay at home and not to be seen around the club premises until
I am instructed to return.
“A week later I was called to the office and told that my agent has
been informed about their plans to terminate my contract for gross
misconduct and indiscipline. The news came to me as a surprise because
I have not been found wanting in any area since I arrived the club six
months ago.
“Now I don’t know what will happen to her and the child since I’m back
in Nigeria.”
Judging by the report, I believe the club especially the President is
unfair to the player.
How could the club terminate a three-year deal signed by the player
just after six months not based on performance or any tenable reason
but for impregnating the daughter of the President?
Was it written in the contract signed by the player that he must not
have a lover or impregnate anyone in Slovenia?
It is not that the player actually raped the girl in question and more
importantly, the President’s daughter I learnt is an adult. The player
also claimed that they both love each other and they have decided to
have a child together.
This particular incident may also be treated as an act of racism. One
may wish to ask; would the club and its president have acted same way
if it were to be an European player (white) that impregnated the young
I expect the agent and the player who is said to be back in the
country to report his club to the world football governing body, FIFA.
The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) should also offer support in
ensuring that the affected player gets justice ditto the National
Association of Nigerian Professional Footballers (NANPF) and any other
affiliated bodies as ‘injury to one is injury to all’.
All football stakeholders including the men of the fourth estate must
rise against the injustice done to our brother in Slovenia. Our
brother has done nothing wrong in having an affair with a foreigner.

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