In the eyes of Senator Gbemiaola Saraki


By Oladimeji Shuaib Agaka

Blood they say is thicker than water. I don’t this applies to Senator Gbemisola Saraki the Hon. Minister of State for Transportation and daughter of the late septuagenarian politician Dr. Abubakar Olusola Saraki.
Senator Gbemisola before your very eyes the people you choose to wine and dine with are gradually erasing the legacies of your great father.
Before your very eyes Kwara State University named after your great father is being changed and you are there without a fight.
Before your very eyes the popular Ile Arugbo, perhaps the most important legacy of your great father is about to be pulled down by those whose fathers have no legacy to point at.
Before your very eyes Ile Arugbo where you became a member of House of Representatives by the special grace of Allah and by the grace of your father is about to be demolished without you doing anything and you think all is well.
Before your very eyes and as a minister of the federal republic, Ile Arugbo where you became a member of the prestigious Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is about to be pulled down by vengeance seeking people who has been opposed to your father for long but whom you choose to dance with and you feel very comfortable.
Well madam minister, I want you to know that the people of Kwara State and especially the people of the emirate who are beneficiaries of your fathers legacies will not fold their arm and watch them destroy Baba’s legacy.
This is the time for you to bury whatever little political differences you think you have with your family especially your brother and fight so that the fantastic contributions of your great father will not be washed away.
It’s worth fighting for with every inch of blood in your body.
*Agaka writes from Ilorin.

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