LETTER TO THE EDITOR: What’s  Kwara’s involvement in Wizkid’s Ilorin Concert?


Dear Editor,
Nobody is doing Gov. AA disservice like those who are always trying to justify or defend every questionable step of this govt by the missteps of the past govt.
Information management is key to effective administration just like data management for planning and good governance.
I’m not making this piece to address who sponsored the Wizkid show but the importance of the show and how it’s planned to achieve a significant purpose.
Was the show organised to promote an individual business or to encourage the local artists in the state?
Was it organised to promote the social and cultural settings in the state or only to entertain the lovers of Wizkid and Nigeria hip-hop?
A lot of Gov. AA apologists have come out to justify the coming of Wizkid by Jay Z and Mourhino visit to the state during the era of Gov. Bukola Saraki.
You may not like Bukola Saraki or being suffering from Sarakiphobia but both Jay Z and Mourino visitation was significant and planned toward a developmental goal. Either the goals were achieved or not, it’s not part of this discussion.
On Jay Z, I was part of people that criticise the event but our criticism was well defined. Firstly, we criticised how the traditional council was disrespected in receiving Jay Z and how our cultural heritage was abused by conferred the significant musical title on someone who doesn’t have an iota of understanding of our culture and tradition. While such title is always confer on someone who will promote the culture and tradition of our community.
Back to the issue, Gov. AA has denied the sponsorship of Wizkid show publicly and I want to agree with him so far I’m not with any evidence to say otherwise but it’s not obvious to the blind, the deaf could also affirm to it that, the state govt gave the show maximum support.
My question is, “On what terms did the state govt partner or agree to offer such significant support to the show in the interest of Kwarans and entertainment industry in the state?”
@?Arakunrin Bolakale

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