Offa Bank Robbery: Shock of my husband’s death led to demise of father, mother, brother – slain officer’s wife

By Ahmed Ajikobi

In the heart of the families, relatives and friends of the victims of Offa bank robbery of 2018, April 5 will remain an unforgettable experience in their lives.

On the ill-fated day, daredevil, trigger-happy armed robbers unleashed terror on the community which claimed the lives of scores police officers and others innocent people in the State.

However, two years after the incident, a wife of one of the slain police officers has recounted how she had suffered further the devastating consequences which have resulted in the death of three members of her late husband family including the parents and sibling.

According to Mrs Funmilayo Oke while recounting her close to two year ordeal to our reporter, April 5 will always remain evergreen with her adding that the day brings fresh memory of the robbery attack that claimed the life of her husband and others.

She said “April 5 this year will be two year my husband was shot dead by his assailants. That date will always refresh the incident in my friend”.

“The shock from that incident has not only been compounded, it has led to the death of my husband’s family, including his father, mother, and elder brother.”

She added that since the development, all the responsibilities of the family is now upon her and she has had to beg to live.

“I have turned a beggar for sake and care of my four children. I have sold all my belonging to pay for the school fees of my children. No helper from nowhere. I keep begging people for financial support, she submitted.

The widow called on the Nigeria Police and the government to look into her plight over payment of the entitlement of her husband which she noted will help relieve her of the suffering.

Such money, she noted, will be used to carter for the education of the children who are in KWASU and Kwara Polytechnic, among others.

“I have to take a loan recently which I am running around to return but everything is just still. I travelled to Ibadan to meet with people I know in other to seek assistance, SEAP called demanding for their monthly return. I have to beg one of my brother to help me out and he helped to pay last month due which N35,000. This month I don’t know maybe I will be arrested for default because I don’t have any means of paying back. That s why I came down to Ilorin to seek assistance from the people I know”, she said.

She however called on the Kwara State Governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq to help her out and intervene over the education of her children.

“I will be glad if KWSG can offer me a job so that I can take care of my family. I also plead for assistance from the state commissioners to help me secure a job to carter for the children”.

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