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Insecurity: Beyond the count of grief


With Adetunji Ayobrown

I feel the weakness and fruitlessness of the statements by Mr President with his many attempts to lure the victims and their families from grief for loses they suffered, which were too overwhelming. But, I cannot refrain from the sympathy and consolations which may be found in pity expressed by many other fellow Nigerians.
Our security systems have failed. True courage is about knowing when to take action and deciding which one to spare. Mr President admitted. But when the two chambers of the National Assembly on their resumption from a five-week recess reviewed and concluded that insecurity in the country had reached a critical and an alarming level, it becomes a cause for serious worry and indication that all is not well with the state of the Nigerian nation. These were the open declaration of our supposed wise men and women, however, this open declaration to many is rather coming late.
‘Lay so costly the sacrifice upon the altar of injustice for course they knew nothing’. In the last three months, there has been an upsurge in killings and kidnapping across the country, particularly in Zamfara, Kaduna, Kastsina and Niger states. These added to renewed attacks by Boko Haram and Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) on residents and troops in the North-East of the country. Disconcerting news every day, as of now these are what is coming our way and even with the trending news of subduing the terrorists we are not impressed, even president is not too.
Between mission and men, our security apparatus is seriously overstressed. Kudos to these men and women, ever ready to pay the supreme price in defending our nation, I pray the heavenly father comfort and uphold them in the anguish of these terrible bereavements. Let’s assume that he had tried his best, we’ll thank Gen Muhhamadu Buhari, the Nigerian President, who refused to accept the truth until now. Though, all the security agencies could be said to have performed their best, however, what next to do seems impossible.
I don’t think many will be able to say more than a sentence or recount their ordeal without being overwhelmed by tears. Even families of the security agents who paid the supreme price because of national duties are grief stricken.
Drowning in sleep so to say, many Nigerians believe that with available resources and manpower, defeating such our peculiar insecurity is easy, but the FG attitude towards some groups like Miyetti Allah and Boko Haram seems not helping matters and not indicative of facts that the Nigerian government is interested in ending their menaces. Imagine cattle herders carrying weapons with lethal intentions and the open romance between Gen Buhari and Miyetti Allah, really, these meant something.
Keep up, not catch up, that is the security agencies must always be on their toes or at alert and not merely defending. Prevention is better than cure that is the gist when it comes to security matters. World over, all that require is a must decisive stand in order to control any deadly group. It’s a bit of a quandary when it comes to choice between the Nigerian nation and Miyetti Allah but then Mr President needs to take a stand. Partying and revelry of any form should be stopped by the security and government across board.
Even when the killer herdsmen were designated and referred to as most dangerous terrorist gang in the world, our government didn’t classify them as such. One can easily conclude that genocide has been declared on my people and indeed Plateau State, was the alarm raised by one of our lawmakers. Sometimes you don’t need eyes to see what truly matters.
We wondered at your curiosity, but now we seem to have your attentions; Mr President should as a matter of urgency assess insecurity situation in the country, particularly the killings in Plateau, Niger, Kogi, and many other states of the federation. We do not want to assume or concluded that the Federal Government is complacent.
When we have a bad looser then there will be an abysmal winner, aftermaths of votes buying and election riggings cannot be taken away from all this. It is a shame that being famous and rich doesn’t change your generics; winning at all cost will lead a nation nowhere else but to what we have now.
The Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) in giving his fine line between bravery and suicide, said insecurity in the country was not as bad as it was being reported. He said Nigerians ought to be thankful for the job being done by the government. His oga admittance in variance, Femi Adesina’s statement is for those who reside inside Aso Rock, is the way many put it to him. It is not what he said but what people are feeling that is important.
For a long time, major stakeholders in the security of our nation and police authorities appear to achieve consensus on the necessity of community policing in the country. Nigerians should then engage not only the executive arm of government but also others to discuss the implementation of the recently launched National Security Strategy 2019. Determination, pursuant and implementation of community policing vigorously will surely help, no one can police you better than yourself, is a simple known fact.
Maybe misallocation of valuable military resources is truly responsible, as some alleged, one cannot deny that. The only people guaranteed places in hell are not for just murderers and rapists but also for those who committed suicide by being responsible for their own deaths – meaning they allowed preventable deaths. Killings, kidnapping, banditry and insurgency across the country need something drastic that must be done urgently to arrest the situation. Or do we just assume that our President was just simply carried away with dramatic gesture; his lamentation is not enough.
Recently, the security in the country has deteriorated and the attendant loss of lives is not acceptable. We need to secure the lives and property of our citizens, as enshrined in our constitution. Nigerians are aware of how our common economy is also affected by the inclement security situation. It is a sorry case! There is need therefore, to speedily seek for solutions to fix the security problem bedevilling our dear country. The urgent need for a paradigm shift and reform of the architecture and structure of our security systems is equally important as the citizens’ participation and collaboration in providing security.
Too far out of reality league, many think the government of the day is still not doing enough, this is the effect and results of the present alarming insecurity in the land, distrust. Renewed insurgent attacks in the North-East and the role of the police in ensuring the country’s internal security, is responsible for the birth of the likes of Amotekun of the south-western states, little wonder many other regions too are on the verge of doing same.
Government seems not only complacent but also seem to be condoning these hoodlums and probably protecting them by handling the issues with kid gloves because there is no single prosecution of those arrested over the years; no categorical statement and policy to fight this menace to the finish.
There were aspersions on the police, on whether they can do it or not. With recent reports, it is obvious that the police are capable of handling our national internal security, there are many success stories coming from what they are doing at different parts of the country. There is need for proper legislative intervention to support the security agencies the more, and all the other role players within the armed forces to make sure that the people are motivated towards protecting Nigerians. War educates the senses to come into action as it will perfects physical battle with these menaces.
May be his (Buhari) curiosity and worry should rather make us all too curious. The National Assembly seems concern that insecurity in the country have deteriorated and they promised to pursue the community policing policy with vigour. We look forward to it!
Consequently, Nigerians are calling on Mr President to show sincerity and commitment and match words with actions to secure all Nigerians wherever they are. As commander-in-chief, he should provide security agencies with modern equipment, resources and the political will to make them succeed. To survive a world of monsters, you may have to become one.
*Ayobrown, Senior System Analyst, National Pilot  Newspaper, writes via [email protected]

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