Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq should not use Ile Arugbo Peace Committee to distract Kwara Workers’
Dear Editor,
Some week’s ago Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq led APC government set up a committee over the new Minimum Wage and three weeks was given to discharge it’s duty, that has already lapsed.
Maybe Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq need to understand what’s call Minimum Wage. Minimum wages have been defined as “the minimum amount of remuneration that an employer is required to pay wage earners for the work performed during a given period, which can not be reduced by collective agreement or an individual contract”.The purpose of minimum wages is to protect workers against unduly low pay. And one of the reasons why Civil Servants voted for the current government was what you promised us during the campaign period.
I hope Kwara Worker’s can see clearly now the essence of voting someone that understands government and is totally ready to govern.
Kwara Civil Servants should please ask Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq led APC government to speak on modality of paying our Minimum Wage this January….
Since you’ve turned our Union leaders to errand boy, they’re no more for the workers but are stoges of your government, they can’t protect or fight for worker’s interest but they cater for your selfish interests. It’s only God that can judge you, we are powerless for now..
*Bolakale Munirudeen writes from Pakata, Ilorin.

Angry LG worker laments salary arrears

Dear Editor,
Governor Abdurrahman and his underage otoge supporters should stop deceiving Kwarans. See, during Lawal tenure as Governor, it was Ilorin West Local Government that was owed least salaries which was Eight(8) months. In fact some local government workers were owed up to 25 months salaries. To our surprise, when Bukola saraki became Governor, he paid all our arrears in four (4) months in office. That was promised kept. But Ramonu is not serious with our arrears and people want us to be silent especially those small boys that were still in primary school when Bukola was the Governor of the state. They have dominated social media with their ignorance and falsehood while we the Local Government Workers that campaigned vigorously for Ramonu are dying in silence. May God deliver us.
*Concerned Otoge Supporter

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