KFA ranked 3rd best in Africa – Kehinde Jimoh


Kehinde Jimoh is the Sole Administrator, Kwara Football Academy. In this interview with MIKE ADEYEMI he speaks about the ratio of players of Kwara extractions in the academy as well as how KFA has risen to be the 3rd best in Africa. Excerpts:

What has changed in KFA since you assumed office?
Yes, we thank God. When we came in, we were able to increase the numbers of enterprises in terms of players influx into the Academy.
Two, our participation in Championship, we were able to get partnership and also not just mere participation this time around. We are able to make some capacity present like we attended some tournaments year before the last.
We were in Kano, we came third. Last year, some tournaments were organized within the state. We also came victorious. In the U-18 tourney, we also did well there. We lifted the trophy for the first Governor championship.
Also we attended a tournament in Ibadan, we came victorious. All these are the accolades added to the Academy.
But like I have said, all these achievements cannot be ascribed solely to me, it’s a collective responsibility.
Are you invariably saying KFA has risen above its mandates?
Yes. Initially when the academy was initiated, it’s was meant to create a platform for people to develop. And when we got in here, as at that time, hardly you could count with your finger tips the numbers of Kwara born players that are here.
But, currently we have a larger numbers of Kwarans that are benefiting from Kwara Football Academy as a player. Recently, we had a trials that was spearheaded by Sportiqo International.
It was an avenue for our players to leave the shore of this country. After the tourney, they were able to picked 7 out of 8 players that took part. The numbers of players that took part in the tournaments were about 22, and 8 players that were picked came from KFA.
Only what we are looking for now is the approval of His Excellency, the Governor of Kwara State to allow these boys to go Lufthania.
When we look at how much the Government has expended on KFA, and with the crops of leadership we have now, on our part we are trying our best to ensure that something comes to the purse of the state government in terms of revenue.
Our agreement with Sportiqo is that since it’s an academy, they will takes these players out to acclimatize for 6 months, and when they get the club, we will be entitles to 20 per cent .
However, when we negotiated with them, they said 20 per cent would be too heavy to bear. They are preparing to give us 15 per cent. Based on that, I couldn’t pen down the agreement with them. We had to bring it down for Government to know.
So as soon as the Government give us go ahead on it, we will obliges.
Too, we are not only particular about this money. Because the moment these 7 players go, it is a good omen for people to see that Kwara Football Academy has really become a platform to rise to stardom.
How has KFA fared in terms of infrastructure?
Yes, I would want to say we are trying. We haven’t got there yet. The structures had been there for long period, and if you look at the budget of the state Government this year, this has been captured.
We have to acknowledged and give kudos to the Executive Governor, Mall Abdulrazaq Abdulraham for his Foresightness in sports. I think with him, we will get there.
What is the rationale adrift the recent KFA Awards night?
The reason for the awards is to sanitise people outside in other to appreciate their contribution to the growth of the Academy.
Doing that it indicates two signs. One, it will afford them to acknowledge what we have done for them and for us to have appreciate what they had done to us also. We equally appreciated the staff too for their dedication.
How many Kwara born players were picked during the last scouting exercise by Sportiqo Africa?
For the first stage, only one Kwara origin player was picked. But others were players groom through KFA. When I came in, we ensured that leverage were given to Kwara indigenes and that is what we are still doing presently.
What is the ratio or percentage of players of Kwara extractions in KFA now?
The ratio of Kwara born players in Kwara Football Academy now is 30 : 70. As I said, football requires skill and owing to our background here we see people adventure into footballing as somebody nutty.
But now, that perception has changed. People have begin to see reason why they should bring their wards into the Academy. As I said we have about 30 per cent of Kwarans now in the Academy and in soonest time, the figure will increase.
Where do you envisioned KFA in the next 10 years?
In the next ten years with proper planning and funding, KFA is likely to be the best in Africa.
Now KFA is number 3 in terms of football development in Africa. We are getting closer to be number 1 and I believe we will get there.
Your name tops the list of people jostling for the post of Director of Sports. Are you set for the task?
Well as I have said before, my coming to KFA was divining. I was trained and brought up by the Kwara State Sport Council. Today, I’m the next to the Director of Sport, Coach Tunde Kazeem.
It was when KFA had an issue that I was asked to come and regick here and I did my best. Anybody that would come here after me must be person with vast in sports administration.
So if the exit of the present Director of Sports took place and I’m considered to take over from him, I would be happy. If I’m called upon, I will do well there.

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