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When I obeyed court order, refused standing for silk as intern


Usman Belgore had his LL.B from Bayero University, Kano in 2014, he proceeded to the Nigerian Law School, Abuja campus in 2014 and was subsequently called to Bar in 2015. During his NYSC between 2015 to 2016, he practiced in Osun State at the chambers of M.O Agboola who is now a judge. Belgore later joined Tafa Ahmad & Co. in Ilorin, in 2016.
A year later, the young Belgore joined J.S Bamigboye SAN. He’s currently in partnership with Yusuf Suleiman with whom he co-owned a law firm, Suleiman Belgore & Co. He speaks on his most daunting day in court as a legal practitioner. Excerpts:
The experience I had in this legal practice which I can easily recall happened during my internship period. On this day, the court room where I had proceedings was so small that lawyers had to wait outside till their case is called before they come in. We were having difficulty with the process so, we spoke to the judge about it and he said, a space should be reserved for us. During this time, I just had an appendix operation.
I didn’t study in Ilorin, I didn’t know many lawyers, so, when our colleagues were coming in and ordering us to get up for them to sit,
we negated because we were following the judge’s order. A lawyer came in and ordered me to stand up for him to sit but I refused. He got annoyed and said, ‘what is this legal profession turning into, ordinary intern would not want to respect his superior’.
During the argument, I replied the senior colleague to respect order of the court that said we shouldn’t stand for anyone. I earned silk came to meditate in the issue but I stood my ground and refused to get up while making reference to the Court order. All eyes were on me that I confronted a Senioe Advocate of Nigeria (SAN).

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