Insecurity: Kwara Health Tech harps on students’ documentation


The Registrar of the Kwara State College of Health Technology, Offa, Mallam Salman Ayinde has counselled students of the College on proper documentation, identification, communication and discipline while on and outside the college campus.
The Registrar spoke to student’s representative and some staffs in his office recently.
He said the need for students to have a proper documentation of their records with the college as a panacea to be able to trace and reach them without stress.
Ayinde, who is the Chief Administrative Officer of the college advised students to have all their credentials, passport photographs and other documents with relevant departments of the college, saying “The enrolment of students into the college is on the increase, hence, the need for students to make sure their record are kept with the Student Affairs department, their Department Course, Bursary etc”.
Mallam Ayinde advices them to continuously use their identification cards on campus and outside the college premises for proper identification in case of any eventuality.
He said “The College has zero tolerance for indiscipline or social vices. Play safe by being identified as our students and where you are, while travelling or within the localities”.
He admonished the students to be respectful and follow channels of communication to lay their grievances at any time. “This is very necessary. As students of the college, your class development, the director of Students affairs must know through him, I will be informed, then the management.
“Avoid late night outings, going out alone, traveling at night, visiting friends at odd hours. All these tips are very useful to your wellbeing in the college.
He charged them to be disciplined at all time and be time conscious. “Punctuality is the sole of business, part of discipline is to attend classes promptly, do your assignments on time, your field works are to be carried out to specification(s). Endeavour to dress well, address people courteously and do not loiter around offices, when you do not have business there”.
Meanwhile, Provost of Kwara State College of Health Technology, Offa, Dr. Abdulrauf Aliyu Alabi, on Friday extolled the Bursar of the College, Mr. Ajani Abiola Joshua, who marked his birthday describing him as a good as a “dependable, trustworthy, a genuine friend of Offa Community and a  good team player in service delivery to improve the infrastructure of the College.

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