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 Oluwo of Iwo: Maybe the gods are angry


With Adetunji Ayobrown

The strategy to taking the crown is based on simple chain of causes and effects; if truly one is destined to ascend the throne, an Obaship stool is meant to bring good and great things to at least the Oba himself, his family name and perhaps his subjects by wearing the diadem. No doubt, for that to happen, his actions and beliefs must radiate outward royalty, or else the crown would only be seen to create just an aura around a king. A lesson learnt.
But then, of what beauty is royalty if it cannot be used to describe a king our representatives of the gods. I am sure throwing boxing knuckles to another person, especially another royalty is not one of it and if you ask me, it is quite too expensive and terrible as an introduction for one that wears the symbol of sovereignty. Not to imagine raining showers of blows on another monarch.
The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi Telu II was suspended by the Osun State Traditional Rulers’ Council, over allegations that include disrespect to the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi and Alake of Egba, Oba Adedokun Gbadebo and the Oluwo of Iwo Oke, Oba Abdulkadir Olatule at different times in the past. He first refused his verdicts boasted that he cannot be suspended from occupying his throne and he would attend the next meeting.
Osun traditional council suspended him for six months but he threw propriety to the wind and dared them all; saying, ‘I can’t be suspended by anybody’. The suspension was hinged on what was called outstanding issues of misconduct by the Oluwo against Yoruba customs. The council stated that it could not afford to fold its arms and watch the Oluwo drag the traditional institution in the mud with his alleged indecorous behaviours.
Oba Akanbi was seen dancing on twitter rather than being remorseful. However, the fact that his name is associated with such a misbehaviour in the first place is demeaning and he should be remorseful. Sadly, it was reported that he boasted that the monarchs’ council lack the powers to suspend him though he was also said to have refuted the claims.
In my soliloquising mood, i wondered what the criteria for the selection to the stool of Obaship are these days, because then consultations to the gods was often recommended and from all indications should become a necessity even now.  There should be what I want to refer to as personal rebirth, which is ideal and a great thing to aspire. ‘Ti a ba bi ni, o ye ka tun ra eni bi’, as taught in our customs, the Yoruba traditions.
A brief chronological comparison, the age difference between Ooni of Ife and Oluwo of Iwo should not be more than ten, but many started pointing out their differences saying it shows more than a decade margins.
Truly, destiny must single out each and individual’s life for great things, good, bad or ugly; every soul must be known for a thing or two. A meeting that had high calibre monarchs in attendance was more or less turned into such that left much to be desired. The meeting became tense when the Oluwo began to flagrantly interject during the proceedings. Imagined in the presence of the Ooni, Oba Ogunwusi and Alaafin, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi.
Age difference between Oluwo of Iwo and the Agbowu of Ogbaagba, Oba Dhikrullah Akinropo, is a son father kind of,  because oba Akinropo is much much older than oba Akanbi. It is a sacrilege for you to beat any of your parents in Yoruba customs. Even the Holy Books iis totally against it and I believe there are recommended punishments for being rude to your elders and especially, your parents.
Some may start to boo, scrape and are never ready to apologise for even simplest of  their errors or misdeeds, but the solution to such shrinking of horizons is to deliberately force yourself in opposite direction and against all human standard of decorum.
No matter who you are, you should never show disdain to your elders or superiors because you will lose your dignity beneath the crown and it will never fit you again.
To ascertain what happened, Oba Ogunwusi ordered that Oluwo and Agbowu should excuse the meeting before asking the Assistant Inspector General of Police, Zone 11, Osogbo, Mr Bashir Makama, to give an account of what transpired at his office between the two traditional rulers.
A pure Yoruba man will never fall in line among idiots, history had shown. Our traditional institutions should be revered by the rulers and subjects. It should not be considered or seen to be below disciplines and not certainly not above it. But It will have been a poor choice to force the Oba Akinropo hands into action in retaliations during the altercation.
No second chance in making first impression, because his is not the picture many thought of him. He has been on the social media severally displaying some acts demeaning for royalty. Though, Oluwo denied punching or slapping the Agbowu at a peace meeting held in the AIG’s office, he had earlier also said he acted in self defence because the other oba pointed his staff towards his eyes.
Never judge a man on his father’s sins, so also never arrogate to man the success of his father.
It is opined in some quarters that Oluwo might have fallen victim of the avenging heavenly hosts’ anger while others think it is omen of bad consequence because of some things he did that include relocation and removal of some ancient shrines. Some even said madness may creep in through unseen and flexes the soul, but whatever, I will rather say stupidity is better hidden than displayed.
What else do anyone expect from Oga AIG who said what happened in his office was a mere altercation between Oluwo and Agbowu when indeed, he was reported to have saved the Agbowu from Oluwo? After all, Police AIG’s office reportedly claimed that there was no Close Circuit Television camera in the police conference room where the meeting with Oluwo and the other obas, which ended in crisis was held.
Ooni however clarified that the suspension was not as a result of the Oluwo’s alleged assault against the Agbowu, saying the matter was already before the police and the state government. The Orangun of Ila, Oba Wahab Adedotun, also said that Oba Akanbi’s suspension was not in connection with his recent alleged assault against Oba Akinropo at the office of the AIG.
It easier to cope with bad conscience than with bad reputation, Friedrich Nietzche (1844-1900) said. These acts of gross misconduct are enough; many agreed that he should go and stay at home for six months perhaps he may become remorseful after the expiration of his suspension. Respect for the traditional institution should not only be said by him but also taught by him true his words and actions. The king should also be cautious of the way he talks to the media about other kings in Yoruba land, a committee was also suggested to be put in place to resolve the issues between the Oluwo with other traditional rulers. These are some of the suggestions put forward by those following the trend of events. Yoruba land is governed by sets of customs and traditions.
But the Oluwo in Council show its regrets in the unfortunate incident that transpired between the Agbowu of Ogbaagbaa and Oluwo of Iwo released a statement ‘we respect the decision of the Osun State Council of Obas to suspend the Oluwo from the Council of Obas meetings; though the suspension was harsh and undeserved, the Oluwo will abide by it’.
I would suggest that it is good for one to always try and put our anger appetite to sleep. In all my catalogue of history, I have never seen any of our ancestors in this kind of atrocious act, like many other Nigerians, I agreed with the suspension placed on the king, or else the  crown will no longer be respected. Oba Akanbi should as a matter of decency not only apologise to Yorubas, our customs and traditions but also to the youths, the group he represents.
Reputation is critical, because you may think gain nothing but I assure you that you loose do much by neglecting your reputation. Never scoff at the symbolism of your life grandeur, maybe that is why the gods are angry.
*Ayobrown, Senior System Analyst, National Pilot Newspaper, writes via [email protected]

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