‘You ruined a godly home’ – Etinosa slams Ehi Ogbebor for dating married men

This is definitely not the best of times for Ehi Ogbebor, an interior designer who was married to billionaire Ken Braimor whom she also accused of being a ritualist.

Ehi was recently accused of grabbing herself another man and this time it’s another woman’s husband.

It was reported that the man she’s seeing, whom she trapped the same way she trapped Ken Braimor, is a married man who has allegedly been beating his wife because of her.

Well, Actress Etinosa Idemudia has added spits to the insults of Ehi by calling her out in retaliation to the latter’s reaction to her Bible as Ashtray scandal.

“If you are going to criticise my lifestyle make sure your own is perfect. Sinners judging other singers for sinning differently. I ashed on a Bible and you were talking rubbish! Meanwhile you? You took a whole father from his wife and children!! You ruined a godly home!!!How do you sleep at night?,” Etinosa wrote.

She continued, “If you are going to go round town talking about me and painting me black while trying to look holier than thou then you better be REALLY HOLY! Bitch I’m talking to you @ceosayavethinteriors_and_hotel ”

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