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 Oh! Coronavirus is Nigeria truly prepared for you?


With Adetunji Ayobrown

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That the disease that had recorded over 3,400 deaths is dangerous needs no evidence. Nigeria needs to be decisive on travel restrictions until this crisis is over. No individual nation may be able to stop coronavirus’ tickling clock, but great ones always find ways to slow it down.
On the Italy government’s unpreparedness, many are still chorusing their disdain, but it has gone way more than any nation could bargain for. As of last weekend, over 101,000 coronavirus cases have been recorded, with over 3,400 deaths. Around 56,000 patients have, however, recovered. China is the most hit country with more than 80,000 cases.  COVID-19 has now affected 95 countries and territories around the world and one international conveyance – the Diamond Princess cruise ship harboured in Yokohama, Japan. Already, governments of different countries, pharmaceutical companies and scientists round the globe are racing to find a cure vaccine for the disease.
What is the slogan or mark for ‘Stop Coronavirus? This is the first thing my child asked me, after my little explanations on the world’s ravaging scourge, the coronavirus. Dumbfounded, i couldn’t answer this. But come to think of it, and truly what is the mark or slogan after all, that of Stop AIDS are everywhere. By statistic, it is deadlier, and by now there should be that easy to know slogan or mark, even as a form of greeting. Curious about this too, I searched the internet without something like that of AIDS. I really don’t see something with the seriousness Coronavirus deserves.
What have you done to human race? Without mercy you are spreading like untamed wildfire that got out of hands. Except in video and films, I never imagine or believed that this could happen in our lifetime, when we must avoid ordinary handshakes or hugs. Whether you believe it or not, here we are, no more physical expression of feelings, no thanks to the deadly Coronavirus. But the story changed for Nigeria on February 27, 2020 when a 44-year-old Italian businessman who allegedly arrived Lagos from Milan, Italy tested positive of the coronavirus disease.
Miss the misery many thought, Nigeria was initially thought to be spared but not for too long, about two months after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease, also called COVID-19, was first recorded in Wuhan, China in December last year. Even as the disease ravaged China and Asian countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as America and Europe, infecting thousands of people, Africa’s most populous country was a mere spectator, until the alleged arrival of the Italian.
146 of the Italian patient’s co-travellers have been identified except for two passengers onboard the Turkish Airlines who were still missing. With all the promises from Nigeria government on how prepared we were, this Italian breached our health defence formation. How did this happened? It is not funny at all that a consultant for Lafarge Africa Plc, who was among 149 passengers aboard a Turkish Airlines flight which arrived at Lagos airport on February 25, could pass through the scanning and precautions put in place without being detected, really, Nigerians deserve explanations.
Though it took little longer than every start,yet  the result is as expected. How Italian citizes, or traveller ‘infected’ Nigeria, 17 other coronavirus-free countries, should worry us all. He reportedly lodged at a hotel in Lagos that night and left the following morning for a business meeting at the Lafarge’s factory in Ewekoro, Ogun State.
Many may blame the Italy government’s unpreparedness for its spread, but even before it gets here, there is enough time for the Nigerian government to act. When the devil wants to collect something, he sends your relatives or your friends to you. Like any pragmatic person, one should always opts for the future though may not forget the past.
Sometimes a simple preparedness is not enough. Let atoms and molecules show us how easy to solve this problem. Apart from Nigeria, other countries where infection cases seem to be all related to Italian citizens or travellers are Mexico, Wales, Northern Ireland, France, Croatia, Switzerland, Algeria, Spain, Brazil, Greece, Finland, North Macedonia, Germany, Romania, Denmark, Lithuania, and the United Arab Emirates. An Italian online newspaper,, stated that almost all recent cases of contagion in Europe and beyond came from Italy. Italy is the fourth most hit country by COVID-19, with over 4,600 cases as of Friday, after China, South Korea and Iran. Italy also recorded total deaths of 49 on Friday alone, totalling 197 deaths so far. About 778 new cases were also newly recorded as at last weekend.
Never put logic before disposition, all evidences pointed at the Italian connection. Nigeria is the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to record a coronavirus case, findings of which shows that it joined the league of about 17 countries which, surprisingly, did not import the disease from China-related travels, but from Italy, the hotspot of the outbreak in Europe. Nigeria has yet to come up with any travel advisory against Italy, except that of China, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak.
Delirium swept our world, as the vicious disease seems to be going wild, but the fact is that our survival is more important than pride. The truth is that the virus is very contagious. Nigeria should follow in the footsteps of China which has banned the sale and consumption of bush meat, the minister said although coronavirus was zootic in nature, there was no plan to place a blanket ban on bush meat in Nigeria.
‘Stop Coronavirus,’ campaign should start like breathing air. Necessary and adequate steps must be taken by all nations of the world to combat its spread. We implore that slogans, symbols and even marks must be designed as precaution against the virus and must be put in place to teach ourselves and children. Our actions are critical part of what stand between us and extinction.
What frustrates many is not how poorly we speak about this, but unnecessarily poorly we do. Lets us stop Coronavirus before it stopped human race. How many times have this scenario played itself out in our history. This goes beyond sovereignty because it is about survival, and if we want to survive we have to be resilient. One may not fully understand what it feels like until you’ve experience it yourself.
A way more than you bargain for, there are easier ways to die than thorough coronavirus. Plenty of opportunities to stop and make good decisions, prevention is better than cure not even when the cure is yet to be secured.

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