Why I became traffic controller after hit-and-run driver killed my son – Ag. Appeal Court president

Meet new the Acting President, Court of Appeal, Justice Dongban-Mensem who devotes most of her free time controlling traffic with some enthusiasm and dedication.

The quiet, unassuming jurist known to maintain a low profile life, said she developed interest in traffic control following the unfortunate murder of her son by a hit-and-run driver about 8 years ago.

Justice Dongban-Mensem said that it was a terrible experience she would never wish for anyone to go through, saying that it was difficult to believe that her son she spoke with about three times on phone same day was killed by a hit-and-run motorist that refuse to obey traffic rules and regulations.

The Acting President of the Court of Appeal explained that as a result, she now spends part of her free time controlling traffic in Abuja as a member of the Special Marshal of the Federal Road Safety Corps.

This way, Justice Dongban-Mensem thinks she can play a major role in changing the psyche of Nigerian drivers and ensuring proper knowledge and application of the rules of the road designed for the common good of all.

The Acting President of the appellate judicial arm of government, noted that many drivers in Nigeria do not understand the rules.

In her words; “I do not know the driver that killed my son, but I am determined to touch as many road users as I can in order to assist in saving as many lives as possible.

“Apart from ensuring free flow of vehicles in the nation’s capital, I also visits motor parks to educate drivers”.

Nigerians have something to learn from Her Lordship’s selflessness, commitment and dedication towards saving lives.

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