Covid-19: Nigerian doctor who died in UK ‘didn’t want to take up hospital space’

Dani, son of Alfa Sa’adu, UK-based Nigerian doctor who died of complications from COVID-19, says his father was a “living legend”.

He said the family suggested he should go to hospital but he insisted he did not want to take up a hospital bed because others would need it.

“He was a very passionate man, who cared about saving people,” he said of his late father.

Sa’adu, 68, succumbed to the disease on Tuesday.

He had retired in 2017 after a 40-year medical career but continued working part-time.

In a social media post, Dani said his father fought the virus for two weeks but “couldn’t fight anymore”.

He added that Sa’adu was working part-time at the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital in Welwyn, Hertfordshire, until he got sick and eventually died.

Dani appealed to people to stay safe and listen to government instructions, saying “the coronavirus is not a joke”.

“Today at approx 7.30am, Dr Alfa Saadu (my dad) died of the coronavirus,” Dani wrote.

“He had been fighting the virus for two weeks but he could not fight anymore. The NHS were amazing and did everything they could.

“My dad was a living legend, worked for the NHS for nearly 40 years saving people’s lives here and in Africa. Up until he got sick, he was still working part-time saving people.

“The coronavirus is not a joke, please take it seriously and listen to the government. Please stay safe and protect your loved ones – nothing is more important.”

Dani further told HuffPost UK that his father was a passionate man “who cared about saving people”.

“As soon you spoke to him about medicine his face would light up. He worked for the NHS for nearly 40 years in different hospitals across London,” he said.

“He loved to lecture people in the world of medicine – he did so in the UK and Africa. My dad retired and was working part time at the Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital in Welwyn, Hertfordshire, until his passing.

“He was a massive family man and we did everything together. Family came first. He left two sons and a wife, who is a retired doctor herself in occupational health.”

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