Covid-19: Residents offer sarcastic prayer for Kwara govt over distribution of palliative measures

By Mumini AbdulKareem

The Kwara State Government has come under fire from some residents in the state following the distribution of palliative measures to the citizens.
In a video that had since gone viral, the state government was sarcastically abused and cursed by some residents who considered the palliative package that is being distributed as an insult to the collective sensibility of the people of the state who were told to stay at home.
In the 2 minutes seven seconds video, the people quarried the provision of less than a congo of rice (8 cups) packed in a white nylon as the government package to the people throughout the period of the lockdown.
According to the audio of the video which was transcribed by National Pilot last night, the people were heard chorusing a loud Amin to the sarcastic prayer of one of the elders who led the session.
He said: “We thank Almighty God and send salutations on Prophet Muhammad (SAW). This rice that we are displaying, if we had deliberately reduced it to embarrass the government, may God judge between us.
“We heard through the radio and the social media that we should stay at home that the state government is going to provide food for us to commence in Asa local government.
“True to the information, we saw government vehicle coming into the town with rice and they announced that the people should converge in a place to collect the package. (But we were surprised) that this is what was given to the each household for sitting at home.
“If somebody is being favoured like this and he refused to give thanks to those that benefited him, then such a person is ungrateful. So for those that gave is us this rice that can even last us for more than two months if we continue to sit at home, may almighty God recompense such individuals and their families the exact of this favour.
“We can see that we the poor masses should be grateful for the government to have considered us very important to the extent of remembering us with such gesture, haa, may God recompense them and their children accordingly for the love they have shown us. We thank them because they deserve to be praised”, he added.

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