Pandemic will go away without vaccine, says Trump

US President Donald Trump had expressed optimism that the coronavirus will go away without a vaccine.
Trump stated this during a meeting with Republican lawmakers at the White House on Friday.
In April 2020, Anthony Fauci, National Institutes of Health infectious disease expert, had told Fox News that he didn’t think the US would return to full normalcy until a vaccine is developed for COVID-19.
During the interview, Fauci had said the pandemic is “not going to be over to the point of our being able to not do any mitigation until we have a scientifically sound, safe and effective vaccine, but that does not mean that we can’t approach a significant degree of normality.”
However, while addressing reporters on Friday, Trump said he felt COVID-19 would go away without a vaccine.
“This is going to go away without a vaccine, it’s gonna go away, and we’re not going to see it again, hopefully, after a period of time,” Trump said.
“You may have some flare-ups, and I guess I would expect that.”
When asked why he thought the virus would go away without a vaccine, he said his position was based on advice from health officials.
“I just rely on what doctors say. They say it’s going to go. That doesn’t mean this year. It doesn’t mean, frankly, it’s going to be gone before the fall or after the fall, but eventually it’s going to go away. The question is whether we will need a vaccine. At some point it will probably go away by itself,” Trump added.

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