7th Kwara festival is laudable – Bako

...hails KWSG efforts

T he Deputy Director, Kwara State Ministry of Sports, Bako Ibrahim has describes the last Kwara State Sport Festival as one of the best fiesta in the recent time.
He stated this during a chart with newsmen in Ilorin the Kwara State capital, recently.
According him, ‘the last kwafest has been adjudged as one of the best in the history annal of the state having went oblivion for over two decades.’
“Atleast within the short time of preparation, we were still able to host the festival. Honestly, the festival is the best in the recent time judging from the numbers of sports we paraded.
“We paraded about 26 sporting events which had never happened in the state before. And the numbers of athletes that participated are indeed wonderful.
“So, I think it’s one of the best. The Kwara State Government efforts toward the success of the mundia is commendable”, he said.
The erstwhile Kwara United scribes also retrace his limelight in sports administration to his grassroots involvement which span over 3 decades ago.
“Grassroots is my back ground. I started as a grassroots coach as far back in 1989. I led a YUSFON team to Oluyole ’91.
“I was a game master for about 20 years. No game master has ever beat my records in Kwara State when it comes to winning trophies and lurrels.
“Presently, I have a team called ‘Greater Tommorrow Football Academy’. So grassroots is my back born and I can never do away with it,” Bako stressed.
Reacting to the insuniations going about on the likelihood of him been tips for the next Director of Sports at the Kwara State Sports Council, Bako debunk the rumor by saying it is the prerogative of the Kwara State Governmment to decides who the next Director of Sports would be.
“What I know is that am a potential Director as a Deputy Director in the ministry. It is left for the Kwara State Government to decides who to be the next Director of Sports and that is just all I know about it.”
Bako however lauded the suspension of all sporting activities in the state owing to the scourge of Covid-19 pandemic and describes the hiatus as in order.
“I think our lives are more important than sport. This disease is worldwide and it is when we are alive that we know there is a sport. So the suspension of all sporting activities is indeed okay,” he concluded.

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