Abdulrahman can’t match Saraki’s achievement – Lai Mohammed’s aide

By Mumini Abdulkareem
A member of the Kwara State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and a staunch loyalist and aide to Minister of Information and Culture, Kayode Ogunlowo has taken a swipe at Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq over his alleged poor performance in his first year anniversary.
Ogunlowo who attacked the Governor in a facebook comment recently ironically highlighted key achievements of former Senate President and onetime governor of the state, Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki also descended on the governor’s supporters and praise singers for their “propaganda”.
While listing Saraki’s landmark achievements in Kwara that include the, Ilorin International Airport and the Kwara State University (KWASU), Ogunlowo further chided the governor for celebrating construction of few kilometers of road and repainting of infrastructures like State Library complex.
He said although he is not a fan of Saraki which is an open secret, he noted that selling dummy and propaganda to Kwarans instead of reality and development won’t last long because Kwarans are now wiser.
The statement reads in full:
“Honestly we need to face reality and stop propaganda. Saraki is no more in power having being checkmated from the power through our propaganda. We don’t need to continue dueling on propaganda anymore and let’s face reality.
“I was one of those who used propaganda to remove Saraki from the helm of affairs in Kwara and it doesn’t make any sense if I should continue to join O to ge programmed hailing machines to use the same propaganda to worship (Governor) Rasaki (sic).
“It is utterly ridiculous, irresponsible thinking for anyone to say Bukola Saraki as LEADER OR FORMER GOVERNOR only DISTRIBUTED EBA AND PUFF PUFF to Kwarans throughout his eight years in office.
“We can malign his image by calling him thief, armed robber or kidnapper like we were used to during the campaign but that does not mean he didn’t build any infrastructure throughout his reign. But (Governor) Ramonu (sic) who is just a year in office is building infrastructure more than Saraki. What a dogmatic comparism from a lobotomized AA ragtag.”
“International airport Ilorin that (Saraki’s enemies) neighboring states use for hajj every year was built by Saraki regime.
“KWASU, where your siblings are schooling and your family are working as lecturers or staff was built by Saraki and many more.
“Can you compare all these with 50 meters interlocking and 200 meters College of Education road and repainting of Kwara state library by the Governor?
Remember Saraki equally built more roads in Kwara apart from the aforementioned state’s glory infrastructures. Let stop propaganda and face reality.
In addition, during the reign of Bukola Saraki, he didn’t owe workers any salary as well. In fact the existing salary structure being used by Governor Abdulrazaq was adopted during the regime of Bukola Saraki. You can continue to call him thief and kidnapper like we used to.
“I am not a fan of Bukola Saraki and everybody knows that but I have realized that selling dummy and propaganda to Kwarans instead of reality and development won’t last long because Kwarans are wiser now”, he submitted.

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