Is Otoge a better alternative?

By Nafiu Babatunde Bolaji

Here is my opinion based on facts and giant strides recorded by past administrations in Kwara State. For starters, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki’s political assets outweigh the liabilities. Without the courage, determination and vision of Dr. Saraki, Kwara would have become stagnant. We need to understand the need to engage any government that is in power to deliver on their social contracts on standard terms and conditions but constructively.

Kwara APC as a party has no ideological footing, a party without manifesto (no apologies). Moreover, your allegations against past administrations pale into insignificance when you consider past administrations unprecedented feat of building the strongest and most credible development in Kwara state.

If we can breath the air of variety, choice, freedom and development today, look to Saraki. Let’s not forget it came with Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki and was consolidated by Dr. Abdulfatah Ahmed. You cannot detract from numerous good developmental projects they had during their tenure as Governors.

We need to ask serious questions in Kwara State. l noticed many of our Otoge friends are excited when “smart alec” peddle misinformation in the mainstream and social media.

Serious questions begging answers, which every concerned stakeholder should ask are;

i) The improved FAAC and IGR are used for what in Kwara State?

ii) What happened to the famous #30,000 minimum wage?

iii) What specific projects are captured in 2020 budget for the Housing and Urban Development?  Is AA meant to exclude developmental projects and concentrate on blame games?

iv) What are the roles of Commissioners without Memo?

v) Local government and SUBEB workers should hold suspended Council Chairmen responsible for their salary arrears, says the government. How possible is that?

Let us sound it clear, 2023 will soon be here and all the useless rhetorics and needless distractions of fighting Dr. Bukola Saraki by the present Otoge administration will come back to haunt them in the future.

The present government in Kwara state sees freedom of speech and expression as a threat to them when all they did before coming into power was about propaganda, character assinations and name calling.

Just yesterday I listened to a radio programme with one Femi Yusuf and SA new media to the governor of Kwara State, Olayinka Solace as guests, they called immediate past Senate President and immediate past Governor of Kwara State all sort of names. Well, I wasn’t moved because they don’t have an iota of respect for their principal as well. I was ashamed of those that claimed to do things differently addressing Governor Abdulrahman As ” Ramoni” on a live radio show. They say charity begins at home.

I am not surprised, I don’t expect anything good from a party and group of people with inordinate aims without of internal democracy, but you will agree with me that the mb of the present PDP in Kwara shall come beautiful babies that can offer us more political, social, agricultural, technological and developmental salvation which we all aspire for.

impunity is of the highest in the Otoge’s government and needed to be checked with better option come 2023. I believe out of the womb of the present PDP in Kwara shall come beautiful babies that can offer us more political, social, agricultural, technological and developmental salvation which we all aspire for.

Yoruba people will say “Won Ni Eniyan O Sunwon, Eni Ojo Lo Pa” (A nasty, terrible and wicked soul being excused that he was drenched by rainfall). We love to excuse failure and deceit in Kwara. Unfortunately, the man elected in Kwara pastime is buck passing and blame game, reeling out excuses daily rather than doing all that is necessary to usher in prosperity like his predecessors did. You know why he will not because he is just too lazy and ineffective. He spent 6 months to identity few people who will work with him as Commissioners.

We need to make it clear that Kwara State is not an extension of mischievous Otoge movement where anyone can misbehave, employing mischief, disingenuous, mendacious tactics to befuddle and also using empty rhetorics to mislead everyone.


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