Countdown to Kwara LG Poll: Will Esinrogunjo join race?

Will former Kwara Central Senatorial aspirant, comrade Musbaudeen Esinrogunjo contest the forthcoming local government election in Kwara?

For observers of political events especially in Kwara Central and Ilorin West particularly, this is one of the most intriguing puzzles as far as the council race is concerned.

From his recent and previous comments, Esinrogunjo’s dream has been to rule the council and he has not minced word about this. The last time out as a member of the opposition, he gave his contest for the race his all and campaigned far into the night courting friends and supporters from the ruling and opposition parties in the state. However, he lost to the incumbent Hajia Amina Omodara who is presently serving suspension, a result that the comrade contested.

When the race for the council began to gather momentum few months back, Esinrogunjo was seen as one of the major contenders and he has reportedly started to put machinery in place to launch another bid for the race. But alas, he was reportedly caught in a leaked audio video where he allegedly threatened the Governor and outlined his plans if he becomes the next council boss of the most ”lucrative” local governments in the state.

While his critics has continued to attack him over the incident saying the development might affect his political ambition, comrade has continued to deny his involvement alleging that the clip was doctored by his political opponents all because of his open ambition to lead the council.

While speaking with National Pilot on  whether he will still go for broke in the election, Esinrogunjo said his decision will depend on what the people say because he was not in politics for self aggrandisement rather to serve.

As we await the government to come out with a position on the conduct or otherwise of the exercise, political observers will be waiting to see what happen in Ilorin West as far as the Esinrogunjo complex is concerned.

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