We’ll prioritise road expansion in Ilorin West if elected – Com Idris

Comrade Jimoh Ayodeji Idris popularly known as Blinkers is one of the aspirants vying to be the chairman of Ilorin West in the forthcoming local government election. in this Interview with Acting Editor, Mumini AbdulKareem, the secretary of Kwara Indigenous Contractors in All Progressive Congress (APC) talks about why he is the preferred aspirants among other sundry issue. Excerpts
Do you think you have the experience to contest for the seat?
With my level of experience, I think I can beat my chest as one of the candidates to beat in this race. I have encountered a lot of physical challenges within the political circles in the state and interestingly I am the secretary of the Kwara Indigenous Secretary in APC and the coordinator of Kwara Youth Stand for Governor Abdulrazaq Abdulrahman. I am the coordinator of the Kwara Youth Suppliers, chairman of Aigoro Foundation and former manager of Whitehood Veterinary International Limited. With all these experiences and the help of Almighty Allah, I will do my best to transform Ilorin West Local Government positively if elected.
What are you bringing into the table if elected?
Firstly, it is very troubling when we compare Ilorin West with other councils in other places like Lagos. Although one can understand why this is so, but we can do better than were we are presently. If elected, I intend to turn the digital economy of this council around, including its infrastructure, security and agriculture because these are the backbone of a thriving society/economy especially during this period of the Covid-19 pandemic. We have a lot of things ahead and as a son of the soil so to say, I am very ready to work to put this local government on the global map for it to occupy its rightful place in the country.
How do you intend to do that and what will be your priority?
In terms of infrastructure, there is need to diversity or I will say spread it to other areas away from places like GRA to the hinterland like Okelele, Oloje and other places that are equally in need of beautification. There is need to redefine our development model away for over concentration in some highbrow areas. Our policy will include expansion of most roads in Ilorin West and we can do that and compensate those whose houses or property are affected. We must take risk if we want to standardise the community and road is key to achieving that. Other social amenities can spring up from there.
Following the extension of the suspension of local government chairmen across the state, are you still optimistic that the poll will hold?
Yes, although we understand that there is political tussle in the APC, that notwithstanding, I believe Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq will soon solve all these squabbles and bickering in the party. He just wants to put in the necessary machinery to strictly address some of these issues in the party. The suspension of the local government chairmen cannot stop the conduct of the election. Although it can be still be postponed till say next year.
How do you fancy your chances against people considered as more formidable opponents?
Although I am new, but I have been involved in various aspect of administration and have managed places before that had given me the rare opportunity to be expose to how to manage people and resources. Moreover I have the backing of my people who are the ones that pushed me out in the first place. My coming out was their choice and I believe whatever almighty God decreed in this race will come to pass. If I don’t get it, I will support whoever that is elected because it’s all about our local government and the people.
Can you count on the support of major stakeholders in Ilorin West for this race?
Yes, but I don’t want to mention names. Our stakeholders are there for all the aspirants contesting but of course, you can tell whether they are supporting you or not because they know what you can do it. But having the blessing of the governor is an added advantage.
What is your message?
It’s for everybody to be calm and work towards having peace in the party. The election should not be a do or die affair and we should accept whatever comes to us.

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