COVID-19 Pandemic and the Mark of the Beast, 666

The Eschatological interpretation of the Revelation 13 and the Mark of the Beast 666
Eschatology simply means the doctrine of the last things, gradually the events of the last days had began to unfold while all the prophesies of Jesus Christ
on His return begins to manifest. Revelation 13 is an integral chapter relating to the mark of the beast, known as the Antichrist number “666”.
The chapter under survey introduces the beast which symbolizes the Antichrist, which looks like a combination of the four beasts’ earlier seen centuries ago by Daniel in a vision (Dan. 7). Just as the dragon (Rev. 12:17) is in opposition to God, so the beast from the sea is against Christ and it is seen as Satan’s false Messiah. To the beast out of the sea, he gives political power and the beast is given the power to do miracles with which he will deceive many.
The beast, known as Antichrist, is a false messiah. He shall be the opposite of Christ and he will even stage a false resurrection (Rev. 13:14). Many people will follow and worship him because they shall be amazed by his fake power and miracles (13:3, 4). He will invite the entire world under his leadership (13:7, 8) and he will control the world’s economy (13:16, 17). He will use his power to manipulate others and to focus on himself, and to promote evil plans in the world.
However, the power given to the said beast will be limited by God. He will permit the beast to exercise authority only for a short time (13:5), even while the beast is manifesting his fake power, God will still be in control. (Rev. 11:15; 12:10-12).
The Antichrist will overcome God’s people (who did not rapture) and rule over them, he will establish a global dominance and demand that everyone must worship him, indeed many will worship him, everyone except the “true believers” (13:7). Anyone who refuses to worship the beast will end up suffering but such will be rewarded later with eternal life in the end. During this time of great tribulation, those who still hold their faith in Christ will be in-prison and even face execution, while some will be hurt and killed (13:10).
The first beast will come out of the sea (13:1), while the second beast will come out of the earth (13:11), and will later be identified as the false prophet (16:13; 19:20). He is a counterfeit of the Holy Spirit. The dragon (Satan), the beast out of the sea (13:1), and the beast out of the earth (13:11), these three evil beings will form an unholy trinity in direct opposition to the Holy Trinity of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The second beast here will gain influence through the signs and wonders that he performs on behalf of the first beast. The second will beast order the people to worship a statue in honour of the first beast (13:14, 15).
Everyone will be required, under his authority, to be given a mark, “he required everyone small and great, rich and poor, free and slave to be given a mark on the right hand or on the forehead” (13:16). Those who accept this mark show their total allegiance to Satan, and their willingness to operate within economic system which he promotes. To refuse the mark means to commit oneself entirely to God, preferring death to compromising one’s faith in Christ. At this stage everyone who rejects the mark shall secure his/her salvation through his/her blood.
The identification number to be given to people is 666 (13:18), the number symbolises the worldwide dominion and complete evil of this unholy trinity designed to undo Christ’s work and intention to overthrow Him.
In Hebrew, seven is seen as perfect and complete number. On the other hand, six (6) fails the standard of completeness, it is simply incomplete. The number 6 as used in this passage is diabolical and utterly opposed to God (13:4). The number 666 represents a threefold falling short of perfection (dragon: 6, beast: 6, false prophet: 6). During the reign of the Antichrist, people will require satanic identification number for economic and political purposes.
Believers Preparation
The time to prepare for rapture is now, all signs and indications around us is a pointer that we must be adequately prepared. Everyone must constantly examine him/herself on a daily basis. Rapture is imminent!
Considering and reflecting on the eschatological timetable, we realized that the Antichrist will surface after the rapture. His first three and half years shall be peaceful and prosperous, while his second half of the ruler-ship shall be in persecution, forcing the entire universe to receive his identification number 666. This is not a number reserved for the children of God, everyone must endeavor to be Rapturable.

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