Digging your enemy’s grave

By Isiaka Mogaji
For some times now, the media space has been awashed with various articles, opinions and coloums, either in favour of an individual, group of people or on a particular issue.
Many of these authors, apparently jettisoned minimum standards of writing articles or put succinctly, lacking in decorum or etiquette of journalism, especially in carrying out such usually paid jobs.
Many at times, such assignments are usually based on ‘just pull him or her down’ and you will be compensated. The rewards, however, can be varied, depending on the level of discussion or how effectively such pull down syndrome is carried out.
In Kwara state, for instance, I have come across different articles and opinions written by the suspended Director-General of the National Broadcasting Corporation, Mallam Ishaq Modibbo Kawu, maligning the person of the immediate past Senate President and two term governor of Kwara state, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki.
The public show of disdain against Dr. Bukola Saraki by Ishaq Modibbo Kawu in his various write ups can be described as ‘inherited hatred’ and as such, leaves much to be desired. Though, a discerning mind will quickly understand that there are some people behind this attention seeking author’s actions, considering the fact that both Kawu and Saraki are natives of Ilorin.
As fate would have it, in 2014 both Saraki and Kawu were in the same political party, All Progressive Congress, APC, prior to 2015 general elections. Despite that coincidence of marriage of inconvenience, yet the condemnations of Dr. Bukola Saraki by the recalcitrant Modibbo did not end.
Incidentally, the party, APC, won the 2015 presidential elections, and Kawu was compensated by president Muhammadu Buhari, as the Director-General of the National Broadcasting Corporation, NBC,.
The appointment was however, without Saraki’s input as it was done, first, to compensate Kawu and second, to slight Saraki as the Leader of the APC then in Kwara and the entire North Central zone. Albeit, the entire Kwarans, particularly the people of the Ilorin Emirate received the development with not only great nostalgia, but also high enthusiasm, believing that the appointment would bring dividends of democracy to the state, but surprisingly enough, no feasible benefits to the state.
Within a few months, Kawu who has been accusing Bukola Saraki of mismanaging the state’s resources was accused of monumetal financial fraud.’Saint’ Kawu is currently standing trial for alleged fraud before a Federal High Court in the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja).
The allegation of fraud by the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission, ICPC, came as very surprising, as Kawu is well known as an astute advocate of social justice and public accountability.
Considering the magnitude of the alleged fraud, ICPC, pressed home their points to the Presidency, requesting the suspension of Ishaq Modibo Kawu from office to allow the Commission carry out thorough and uninterrupted investigations. The request to suspend Kawu was granted by the Presidency.
Since the suspension of Kawu from office as Director General of NBC, I have not come across further write up by this ‘ saint Kawu’ on accusation of mismanagement of state’s resources by either Saraki or any other person. Why ? This is another topic for another day.
According to Shakespeare” one who goes to equity must go with clean hand”. However,since the alleged financial misapplication by Kawu is currently before a competent court of jurisdiction it will amount to prejudice if we have to discuss the real subject matter in details.
As one of the illustrious sons of the Ilorin Emirate and an ardent believer in our cultural heritage and traditions, I can not, however wish Kawu ill luck in his on going trial by the ICPC, but notwithstanding,I want to preach here that our socio-political and ethnic differences, should serve as unifying factors rather than breeding hatred and acrimony. Therefore, we should always exercise restraints in our actions.
We need to cultivate the habit of friendship and see one another as partners in progress, rather than seeing ourselves as subjects of ridicule as demonstrated by Ishaq Modibu Kawu against Dr. Bukola Saraki.
“One who goes to equity must go with clean ?” – Williams Shakespeare.
Mogaji, is a former Member, Kwara State House of Assembly

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