District Heads to Abdulrazaq: Wole Oke, other emirate secessionists not from Kwara

By Mumini AbdulKareem

District Heads in Moro Local Government have called upon the Kwara State Government to urgently caution those they described as disgruntled elements trying to divide Ilorin Emirate in the council.
The District Head of Lanwa, Bode Saadu & Jebba, Alh. Aliyu Olarongbe Gambari made the call at a press conference held in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital weekend.

Gambari who spoke on behalf of other district heads that make up Moro Local Government noted that those behind the trouble are short of history and non indigene as well.

Elder Wole-Oke has led some leaders in Moro to call the secession of the council from Ilorin Emirate.

While warning the trouble makers to let a sleeping dog lie and allow peace to reign, he appreciated the Emir of Ilorin, Alh. Ibrahim Sulu Gambari for his wisdom and maturity in handling the affairs of the Emirate.
Gambari also clarified that Magaji Nda of Ilorin is a Landlord to the Ilorin Emirate and not a slave as been propagated by Wole and his supporters.

He thereafter congratulated Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq for the achievement recorded in his first year of administration in the state and prayed for God guidance throughout his tenure as Executive Governor of Kwara state.

“We applaud the achievement of our Governor for the past one year in office and we pray for long life and prosperity. We equally pray for the Emir, for the honesty and wisdom he is using to direct the affairs of the traditional rulers in Kwara State.

“I am the district head of Bode-Saadu and my other colleagues appreciate all what that has been done for us but we request for more.

“We are calling on the state government not to listen to those who want to divide us making pronouncement on radio, because they are not indigene of Moro and most of them came from Iragbiji, Samara, Oyo, Abeokuta, Igbira land and they came here to destroy and divide us. They want to shatter the love we have for each other in Moro.

“I and my other district heads were born in the districts and went to school there, what else do they want. My forefathers founded that place. So we implore those who want to foment to desist. This was how the problem of Northeast, Zamfara and Benue security issues escalated and we don’t want such in Kwara. These people are not from us and they want to destroy us in Kwara State.

“Magaji Nda is not a slave but a landlord to the first emir of Ilorin, Sheikh Abdulsalam and that is why we say these people are short of history. No body that wants to became an emir today from the Abdulsalami dynasty that will not first spend 15 days in the House of Magaji Nda who will then hand him over to the Baloguns for the Turbaning after the expiration of that period. Is it possible for Emirs and royal fathers to spend such number of days in the House of a slave?

“These people don’t know what they are saying, they are hired people and just talking, they don’t want the emirate system which is why they are coming up with such propaganda. If they are claiming they are from Oduduwua family, they should go to Oyo, Ile-Ife or Abeokuta, they will have virgin land to build their houses there, nobody will query them.

“We learnt that some of them went to meet the Alafin that they are from Ilorin but were turned back. If they want to exit Ilorin, they should not destroy it or the emirate, they should go back to their town and villages and some of them are even Ibos. We can’t allow them to destroy us and that is why we are calling on the Governor not to listen to them. Emirate is a northern regional government system which Kwara is part of it. The Emirate laws is in the constitution and if they are not please with what we are doing, they should leave because we are one here and will remain one”, he submitted.

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