Coronavirus deaths: Top five states in Nigeria

Coronavirus deaths in Nigeria hit 772 on Friday, with five states contributing the lion share. The five states are also among the leading states in Coronavirus infections nationwide. Nigeria has 35,454 confirmed cases of COVID-19.
Below are the states:
Lagos: Lagos State is the epicentre of Coronavirus in Nigeria. With 13,226 confirmed cases, the state has now recorded a whopping 176 deaths. Lagos contributes to 22.8 percent of national Coronavirus deaths so far.
Lagos also accounts for 37.3 percent Coronavirus virus caseload in Nigeria. It also leads in number of Coronavirus recovery in the country, accounting for 13.3 percent recovery rate.
Edo: Edo, with 1,885 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, has recorded 62 deaths, the second highest in the country. The state accounts for eight percent of COVID-19 deaths in the country. The state also accounts for 5.3 Coronavirus burdens in Nigeria.
Kano: With 53 deaths, Kano is responsible for 6.86 percent Coronavirus deaths in Nigeria. The state now has 1,386 confirmed cases of the virus, with a national infection rate of 3.9 percent. Its discharge rate stands at 7.3 percent.
Rivers: Rivers State has recorded 47 Coronavirus deaths since the pandemic broke out in the country. It accounts for six percent of deaths from the virus in the country. With 1,480 confirmed infections, Rivers is responsible for 4.2 percent of Coronavirus infections in Nigeria. It has also discharged 981 patients who recovered from the virus, with a recovery rate of 6.7 percent.
FCT: The Federal Capital Territory, FCT, has recorded 39 deaths from 2,879 confirmed cases of Coronavirus. The FCT accounts for five percent of deaths recorded nationwide and 8.1 percent of national infections rate. It has discharged 857 patients, which represents 5.8 recovery rate.

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