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Shun sports betting to avoid Allah’s wrath, cleric warns Muslims

By Sulyman Jimoh

Muslims have been urged to distance themselves from all acts of gambling now rampant in the society to avoid the wrath and punishment of Almighty Allah.

The Imam of IMAN Central Mosque, Irewolede, Ilorin, Ustaz Mohammed Bashir gave the warning while delivering his Khutbah (Sermon) during the Jumaat service shortly before the traditional two rakat congregational prayer.

According to him, Allah abhors all forms of gambling for Muslims and warned strongly against it in the Glorious Qur’an adding that gambling is a grave sin in the sight of the Creator.

While specifically condemning sport betting now rampant in several Ilorin communities, the cleric attributed the trend to the moral decadence pervading the society largely due to parental failure, lack of sound Islamic foundation and western influence.

Quoting copiously from the Qur’an and Hadith (tradition) of the Prophet, Bashir however advised the youths who are mostly involved in gambling to repent and seek forgiveness of Almighty Allah in order not to regret on the Day of Judgment.

“Today, it is very unfortunate that Muslims youths are the ones that are patronising sport betting centres and aiding it to flourish in Ilorin. Betting and all shades of gambling are detested acts in the sight of Almighty Allah and we have been warned seriously about it. Instead of us to be agents of positive change, piety and development, our youths are now the ones that serve as role models in acts of gambling and other regrettable actions.

“While Muslim parents must lead the way and provide the necessary leadership that will complement the religious development of wards, the youth must also make conscious efforts and always demand Islamic position to all acts of engagement and behaviours”, he noted.

He further said, “Do not worship any other deity apart from Allah and always be good towards your parents because Allah’s favour lies in the favour of your parents. The moral decadence in the society has led our youths to promote and even lead those involve in participation of sport betting and other gambling that is rampant in our society. This is greatly abhorred by Allah which will attract His wrath at the end of the day. Such money or benefit from such ventures is Haram and we must shun it in all ramification.

“In whatever we do, we should always remember that death will catch up with us one day and we should fear the Day of Qiyamah when every living soul shall be raised up to meet Almighty Allah.

“Please let us return to Allah by increasing in good deeds and worship to Him. We must avoid acts of impunity most especially those in power and fear Allah who we will all return to to give account of all our actions on earth. Look at Ibrahim Magu and the irony that it entails. How the suspended anti graft agency chief was found wanting of the same problem he was tasked to correct”, he submitted.

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