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Eve of the war

By Jimoh Sulyman
We wouldn’t have laughed
if we knew it wouldn’t last
We wouldn’t have open the
Barrel of liquor if we know
it will be filled with our blood
May be we would have confined
Our Euphoria in our Skeleton
May be we will be satisfied
With flashes of our happiness
That seems to fade with the winds
hardened fist on those memories
After all we will relive the scenery
and patch up the fading pictures
For moonlight tale of our progeny
Sitting in courtyard of the slave master
Haven’t we fought with no point
haven’t we had enough of the Woes
I think the soldier has had Enough
Wouldn’t he Sheath his fine sword
let him contently rest his soul
On The bald blade of his Enemy
And stab the beating drum of War
Ultimately disperse the dance floor
And End the woeful Dance of horror.

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