Dr. Ali Ahmad: Man of amazing lifestyle

By Ayantunde Ayangbayi
The essence of leadership is constructive engagement of human energy, skill and natural resource not only for quality living of citizenry in contemporary society but equally for preservation of values and natural resources that would make life worth-living for generations unborn.
Leaders are celebrated not for the quantum of their earthly material possessions they acquired (legitimately or illegitimately) but for impactful and mostly sacrificial decision policy thrusts and actions that adds value to the collective fortune of followers.
Dr. Ali Babatunde Ahmad, belongs to the exclusive class of Nigerian leaders who have distinguished professional career and held very high political offices without compromising their moral ideals and principles.
The former Hon. Speaker of the 8th Legislature of the Kwara State House of Assembly by any yardstick is a true and tested leader, whose amazing lifestyle in and out of office is thought provoking and needs to be highlighted for political class, academicians, students, working class and the general public particularly, political followers to understand that life is transient and as such must be impactful. Truly, he is a poignant voice for the masses, as shown in all his political activities, carriage, comportment and appointments.
No doubt, it is only leaders with extra-ordinary self-discipline and sense of valuable personal mission that could make the difference in leadership. These are the very virtues that Dr. Ali Babatunde Ahmad, exhibited in his sojourn in public offices. In a nutshell, his public life is characterized by sacrificial, proactive, visionary and pro-people leadership and he is a positive example to the world.
Dr. Ali Ahmad is pursuing a generational turnaround programme and brought glamour to democracy as he traversed the length and breadth of the country delivering lectures, even in the camp of opposition(s). A fact appreciated by Nigerians, politicians and academicians alike that he is highly cerebrally endowed, the best of his generation and a man committed to the good of his fellow human beings thereby making life more meaningful, enjoyable and comfortable for the masses. This is apparent in his achievements as an appointee of government and as an elected representative of the people, who gave qualitative representation at state and Federal Constituency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
An epitome of true loyal politician in political parlance. He is also a proactive politician who is determined to make things happen. Dr. Ali Ahmad is dynamic, a prime mover, energetic and most importantly a very good team player. These qualities were displayed as a Member of Federal House of Representatives and Kwara State House of Assembly, where he served as Hon. Speaker of the 8th Legislature.
A very reliable and trustworthy person of high integrity with sense of urgency, Dr. Ali Ahmad is a philanthropist of exceptional calling with impeccable character. He is passionate about development, in general, which is matchless as exemplified in his service to the community through several donations, assistance to institutions, mosques, community self-help projects in Ilorin Emirate and other places within Kwara State, job creation among others. He has remarkably served as an agent of development in his Ilorin community, attracting government activities and amenities.
Dr. Ali Babatunde Ahmad born in Kaduna, North Central of Nigeria, was called to Nigerian Bar in 1989 and New York Bar 1998. He is a product of Bayero University, Kano, a lecturer in same University as well as University of Ilorin where he worked and rose to become an Associate Professor and Acting Dean of Law Faculty. His political experience is worth mentioning as he held enviable positions in government, Chief of Staff to Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Kwara State. He was elected into the House of Representatives (Ilorin East/Ilorin South Federal Constituency) in 2011 and became Chairman, House Committee on Justice. He was a member of the Governing Council of the National Institute of Legislative Studies. He sponsored the highest number of Bills in the 7th Assembly and successfully lobbied the House to pass ten (10) of his Bills in one sitting. He was the Hon. Speaker of the 8th Assembly in Kwara State where he championed law making, legislative business and oversight functions to the best of his professional competence and his ability was not in doubt.
Indeed, Dr. Ali Babatunde Ahmad, who created practical possibilities and open new frontiers, also expanded opportunities and advance the course of human kindness in all facets of human endeavours. This journalist joined numerous well-wishers, followers and admirers to wish him more successes in life as an enviable gift to humanity, he’s an intellectual first among equals, dignity-exuding, integrity imbued, symbol of hard work and worthy in character.
Finally, Dr. Ali Babatunde Ahmad is people’s choice in Kwara anytime, any day, anywhere … end of story.
Ayangbayi, JP. is a journalist.

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