Stop telling past stories, show us what govt is doing better, ex Gov’s aide tackles Kwara CPS

A former aide of the immediate government in the state, Tunji Moronfoye has tackled the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Abdurahman Abdulrazaq, Rafiu Ajakaye to stop regurgitating the rhetoric that past government has done nothing even as he said it was time for the present administration to begin to tell what it was doing better.
According to Moronfoye in a release weekend, the former Commissioner for information said the CPS’s generic and excoriation of the last regime needs to be rested.
The statement reads:
“Dear CPS please feel free to cross swords with me sir. No one has the monopoly of knowledge sir. Put me right, where you feel I’ve erred no stress there sir. However, your generic and continuous excoriation of the last regime needs to rest. You are in your second year now. Show us what you have done in new ideas and innovation sir.
“Let’s start, you opening gambit was the water projects, what is new in your Government’s action? We used water tankers to augment when we were fixing the diamond underpass and the mains pipes were affected, this is common knowledge sir. Would you rather have the people suffer without water for months when the repairs were going on sir. The water tankers were an intervention sir.
“Two, basic education yes, we were unable to pay the counterpart funds of UBEC like close to other 25 states of the federation and we started to spend the initial funds given to us, to start renovations of our basic schools when UBEC requested for their money back because we couldn’t put down close to two billion Naira as counterpart fund sir. I believe (but I am not sure we spent N350m) which the current KWSG refunded. Please tell me has the KWSG, been able to access funds since kwara state was removed from the blacklist after the payment of we spent?
“Has the KWSG been able to pay the counterpart funds of N6billion plus which has accrued as funds not accessed in UBEC by KWSG? I am sure dear CPS sir, you are aware that the 8th Senate tried unsuccessfully to reduce counterpart funding on the part of the state governments to 10% in place of 50% sir?
“It’s easy to take Glory after the facts sir, when was salaries paid on “40th” sir? Salaries of civil servants were paid when our FAAC revenue came in, we borrowed at high cost SOMETIMES to pay during festive periods sir. You really need to agree with me that FAAC revenue comes in rather early these days unlike the last four years sir. Dear sir, I am yet to see any prosecution on issues of loans that were taken and mismanaged sir. Rather unfortunately, you sir are beginning to believe your propaganda campaign sir. Now about witch hunting my brother, how many opposition figures were jailed, how many people were sacked for being O to ge in the civil service sir?
Bro(sic), who is insulting the people of this state and how? There is absolutely no need for you to use the citizens of the state as a human shield bro. I am asking you to show what you are doing better, not to tell us stories of the past “mistakes” in your imagination and other fairy tales of what you are planning or intend to do in future sir…”, he added.

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