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Allah will not spare hypocrites from his wrath, cleric warns Muslims

By Jimoh Sulyman
The Chief Imam of IMAN central mosque, Irewolede area, Ilorin, Ustaz Sharafdeen Olohunoyin has warned all Muslims against engaging in hypocrisy because Allah will not spare such people amongst us from his eternal wrath.
Olohunoyin, in his sermon on Friday, called on the faithful to always endeavour to make a daily assessment of themselves in respect to their daily conduct, before they all return to their creator to give final account and assessment of all their dealings in this world.
The Imam, who buttressed his teaching by quoting copiously from the Qur’an in Surah Al-Anfal, Verse 25 said: “And fear the plague which will not afflict exclusively those who are the tyrants among you (but its victims will also include those who are accomplices in tyranny or who remain indifferent to it). And bear in mind that Allah is Severe in inflicting torment.”
He also enjoined the worshippers to observe all the instructions of Allah and continue to hold on to Him.
According to him, “The only way out of our current predicament in this country is if we all return to the path of Allah, because if we return to HIM in repentance, HE will surely listen to our pleading”
Olohunoyin sounded a note of warning to all politicians and corporate bodies against unlawful accumulation of wealth and resources at the detriment of others, adding that “everyone will surely regurgitate all the Haram they have consumed on the last day when money will not be useful anymore but our good deeds”.

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