Ansar-Ud-Deen Nat’l Missioner, Sheikh Ahmad holds Nikkah for children in Ilorin

By Mumini Abdulkareem
The National Missioner and Chief Imam of Ansar-Ud-Deen Society of Nigeria, Sheikh Abdulrahman Olanrewaju Ahmad on Saturday in Ilorin, held Nikkah ceremony for three of his children, Maryam, Hajarat and Abimbola who were married to Abdulraheem Maiyaki, Abdulrasheed Ajinikirun and Ambali respectively.
The programme which was preceded by a wolimat ceremony that was held inside the Idi-Ose Mosque, Isale-Koto attracted dignitaries from all walks of lives from the government, private and traditional institutions in the state and across the country.
The role call include the Chief Imam of Ilorin, Sheikh Mohammed Bashir Solih, Chief Judge of Kwara State, Justice Suleiman Durosinlohun Kawu, Imam Imale of Ilorin, Sheikh Abdullahi Abdulhamid, Imam Maraba, Shiekh Shuaib AbdulSalam, Imam Gambari, Sheikh Suleiman Abdulazeez and former Commissioner for Education, Hajia Halimat Yusuf among others.
In his sermon during the event, the Grand Mukadam of Ilorin, Sheikh Suleiman Dan Borno described marriage as a key component of the social and religious wellbeing of the society adding the rejoiced with Sheikh Ahmad for being alive to witness such important day in the lives of his children.
Speaking with National Pilot, Sheikh Ahmad described the event as a new phase for the parents and the couples and advised them to tolerate and forgive one another when the need arise.
“This is just another face in life. A new face for me just as it is for them. Part of the responsibilities of the parents apart from given birth and education is to ensure the marriage of their children. That is the stage we have gotten to now and we pray Almighty Allah blessed it for them and make it a success for both of us.
“Normally marriage is about sacrifice, understanding and mutual forgiveness. The one who cannot forgive is not fit for marriage. They must be ready to forgive, accommodate and it is a joint task of building. They should do their best to ensure they work hard for the marriage and forgive one another whenever things are not smooth. As couples now, they should be ready to go through the challenges that normally come with it.
Also in his remarks, the Chief Justice of Kwara State, Justice Suleiman Durosinlohun Kawu said “The couple should try to be tolerant of each other and fear Almighty Allah while being prayerful” and “For the parents, they should keep on saying Alhamdulillahi for what God has done for them”.
One of the children of Sheikh Ahmad, Maryam who is a magistrate and bride to Abdulraheem Mayaki told this medium that she was very happy and elated for the favour Almighty bestowed on them to see the day.
“I am very happy, elated and grateful for almighty Allah. I thank Him for giving us this opportunity today. From the onset, it has been very fine and we pray it remain so for all of us. We are very grateful to our parents, guardians, well-wishers, neighbours, colleagues, partners, everybody and above all Almighty Allah for making today a reality”, she noted.
On his part, Maryam spouse, Mayaki said “I don’t have too much to say rather than just Alhamdulillahi for this day because it was not our making but that of Almighty Allah and we are very grateful for him about that.

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