Exclusive: 2023: Gov Abdulrazaq’s siblings allegedly move to unseat him

Brother allegedly orders perm secs to report to him after sack of commissioners …set up NGO to recruit loyalists, supporters …accusation false, baseless – Brother

By Mumini AbdulKareem
Some siblings of Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq have allegedly commenced move to deny him a second term ticket in the 2023 race, National Pilot gathered last night.
Towards this end, the governor’s younger sibling, Baba Abdulrauf, it was learnt, have allegedly set up an NGO in Ilorin to serve as recruitment for the project aimed at positioning another elder brother of Abdulrazaq, Isiaka for the race.
A source who confided in this medium last night claimed that already Abdulrauf have allegedly ordered some permanent secretaries to henceforth report to him following the sack of the commissioners by the Governor last week.
The source listed the Permanent Secretaries of Finance, Alhaji Rasaq Folorunsho, Water, Alhaji Olarewaju Okanlawon and that of Water as among those already contacted by Abdulrauf, a claim that was empathically denied by the Governor’s younger brother.
Several calls to the Folorunsho and Okanlawon were not answered last night before the paper when to bed.
In denying the allegation, Abdulrauf described it is baseless, false and without any iota of truth adding that he has no business in government.
According to the source, “some members of the Governor’s family want to hijack the government from him. His younger brother, Baba Abdulrauf has been going to meet permanent secretaries after the sack of the commissioners ordering them to henceforth report to him and keep him abreast of happenings in the system. Those that have so far been contacted are the Permanent Secretaries of Finance, Works and Water Resources.
“The same scenario played out last year few months after the governor emerged when they wanted to usurp the government. Although the governor rejected the move, he agreed to give them whatever is their due. Following this, some of them like Dr Alimi went back to Lagos and did not meddle in the running of the government any longer. Alimi as an experienced politician as he said it was the governor that was elected and he should be allowed to serve the people.
Now, they are seeking for those who will be loyal to them and not those that will be loyal to the governor and the government which is causing a lot of problems. The matter has become an issue between the supporters of Isiaka and those of the governor.
“In fact, Abdulrauf have set up an NGO with an office beside Kwara Hotel where he is assembling people for Isiaka and has enlisted the support of some lawmakers in the House of Assembly. Some people where invited there about two weeks ago.
“A similar thing occurred in 2015 during the PDP era when they went to make a vest with the inscription of Abdulrazaq who was funding it. But unknowingly to him, the motive behind it was that if they were asked to present a candidate, they will present Isiaka. The development left Abdulrahman furious and he told them whether they thought he was a fool after been on the journey for almost 17 years, they are ganging up to stop his ambition.
“So we suspect a similar thing this time around”, the source added.
But speaking exclusively on the issue to National Pilot last night, Abdulrauf said “I can categorically state that the allegation with regards to the permanent Secretary is false, baseless and lacking in truth”.
While admitting that he actually set up an NGO, Abdulrauf reiterated that the project was a personal effort to assist the under privilege and downtrodden in the society without any support from the government.
“It is true that I have formed an NGO. Please note that it is a personal effort of mine with no support or involvement of the Kwara State government. The NGO is a charitable organization to support and empower Kwarans who are under privilege…
“I’ am not interested in any plan to succeed my brother, the Governor. Even on the face of it, how will it sound to allege that I am fighting to succeed my brother as the governor of the state? I don’t have anything to do with the permanent secretaries. I think it is time we should all team up and build the Kwara of our dreams and not promoting this kind of narrative that will not put food on our tables’, he submitted.

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