“Clerics across all faiths must be beacons of light”

By Jimoh Sulyman
An Imam in Sheikh Abdulkadir Salman Central Mosque, Taiwo Road, Ilorin, Ustaz Ibraheem Nurudeen Zubair Al-Miseery has charged clerics across all faiths to be beacon of light for the guidance of all people.
He stated this while addressing the congregation during his Friday sermon (Khutbah) held weekend adding that it is imperative for clergymen today to imbibe all the lessons and methodologies in their personalities before they venture into calling people to way of God.
He said it is unfortunate that most people no longer attach needed importance to such sacred responsibility which is important to guide their followers.
“It is quite unfortunate that some people giving religious rulings aren’t knowledgeable enough about it. Such people are actually destroying the faith by giving wrong ruling on matters concerning the religion”, he added.
The Islamic cleric also charged the people to shun arrogance not to incur the wrath of Allah because “Allah loathe an arrogant person and more so, the Noble Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is not an arrogant person but always show respect to all in his character to all and sundry which is worthy of emulation.
He enjoined the people to acknowledge the individual differences among people and the need to study their peculiarities.
“The Prophet once referred to timely Salat as the best of good deeds in the sight of Allah. When he was inquired by another of his companions, he later said filial piety is the best of good deeds to another person. The Prophet sighted the reason for that as the individual differences between the two persons in respect to what each of them need to improve on as individuals.
While speaking on the issue of insecurity in the country, the religious scholar however charged the clergymen across all faiths with the responsibility of fostering the message of peace in their teachings to their followers.
“Islam is a religion of peace, this can be seen in the Prophet’s relationship with the Jews and Christians he met in Madinah and he never betrayed them.
Ustaz Ibrahim further pleaded with the government to pay serious attention to the issue of insurgency the country is facing. He said there is need to empower the security operatives and ensure people of integrity are appointed into our security forces and other positions to be able to get value addition and contribution to their immediate community.
He also asked the parents to raise their children with love and educate them on the need to show love and tolerance for other people regardless of their ethnicity or religion.

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