Nigerians and the new DNA craze

By Christie Doyin
Apart from Corona Virus, the new killer prowling nooks and crannies in Nigeria now is DNA test that is Deoxyribo-Nucleic Acid, which is an organic chemical that contains genetic information and instructions for protein synthesis.
DNA is a key part of reproduction in which genetic heredity occurs through the passing down of DNA from parent or parents to offspring.
According to findings, it is found in most cells of every organism.
DNA test has been a trend for sometime now for the past few weeks due to the rise in paternity fraud all over the world and many suggestions now showing that a DNA test must be made compulsory after a child is born.
Going for DNA test is not actually new to Nigerians or in Nigeria. It has been trending for a very long time, in fact for several decades but then, it has never been in this dimension until the Moyo Thomas and FCMB MD, Adam Nuru’s paternity scandal that allegedly led to the death of Tunde Thomas blew to the open and became an issue.
The story, which went viral on social media and even on the newsstand had it that Tunde Thomas died as a result of the trauma suffered after Moyo (his wife) allegedly told him some months ago that her two kids were fathered by Nuru, her boss. Obviously a breach of ethical conduct but traumatising enough for a man who had thought his so called children belong to another man, especially his wife’s boss, Nuru.
Tunde Thomas was said to have died as a result of the trauma suffered from the scandal. Adam Nuru, during the week, stepped down as the FCMB MD to go on vacation to allow for a proper investigation of the swirling allegations. Whatever the outcome, the deed has been done and cannot be undone. The fact remains that they had a serious affair going on that might have led to the scandal.
There are several such cases which for obvious reasons have led to suicide, murder and other serious issues. Here is another case out of many trending in recent times.
Few months ago, a man identified as CEO Rashad has been left heartbroken and in tears after a DNA test showed he’s not the father of the child his wife gave birth to, this is coming few months after he bought expensive designer handbags for his wife as baby delivery gift.
Sadly, Rashad has taken to twitter to quote his old tweet where he flaunted his wife and the expensive bag. According to Rashad, the baby which his wife birthed turns out not to be his as he is not the real father of the child. Rashad confessed to being heartbroken and says he can’t even wish such thing for his enemy, noting that he can die tonight.
His tweets read “Comes to find out this might not even be mine. THAT’S NOT EVEN THE CRAZIEST PART. IM HURT ASF. I WOULD’NT WISH THIS ON MY WORST ENEMY. WHAT IS LIFE?, Sh*t I can die tonight”.
To me, I think this craze about DNA testing should stop because it does nobody no good. Another reason is simply because some investigation reports have it that sleeping with a man at any point leaves his DNA on you and may be impossible to ease it out.
The fact as stated is that if the DNA of the man happens to be stronger than that of your husband, the tendency is that the DNA will reflect that of the other man or men you have dated before, your marriage to your husband and the child may most certainly bear the stronger DNA.
The best bet ever is for a woman to avoid sleeping with any other man in her life time, especially before or during her marriage. We’ve had instances where a child is the replica of the father only for the DNA to say otherwise and certainly not because the test was faulty but because of the fact that the woman carried a stronger DNA belonging to a man she previously dated.
I think it’s about time to stop the DNA test and concentrate on the good family relationship built over the years with your spouse and children to allow for peace. If avoiding the test will stop you from becoming suicidal or prevent you from being a murderer, why not keep your sanity and enjoy the love shared with your spouse and children?
Life is what you make it to be for yourself especially, and for others too. We have had cases where the man rather than commit suicide had resorted to killing the spouse and or the child(ren). Some would even kill the child(ren) and plan to start all over again but a crime has been committed and there are prices to pay for such.
There have also been instances where the child(ren) would kill the mother or both parents for just that reason and perhaps take his or her own life too.
Whether we like it or not, the lives of Moyo’s children have been inflicted, affected and disrupted one way or the other. Obviously, their lives can never be the same again.
*Doyin writes from Ilorin via e-Mail:cdoyin@gmail.com

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