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Delaying Solat is dangerous for Muslims, may lead to hell – Abdullahi

By Jimoh Sulyman
The Chief Imam of Olohunlogaju Central Mosque, Irewolede area of Ilorin, Imam Ahmad Abdullahi, has called on Muslims to be steadfast in the observance of their five daily prayers and recognize its importance.
The cleric made the call on Friday while delivering his Khutbah (sermon) to the congregation which comprised of different categories of worshippers including adult, teenagers, children and females shortly before leading the congregation in observing the weekly two unit prayer.
Imam Ahmad charged the people to always be conscious of the fact that observing Solat is mandated by Allah (SWT) upon all Muslims and its non-observance can attract the wrath of Allah.
According to him “Solat is very important and it is enjoined upon Muslims because of its ability to correct bad habits and vices which reduces or eradicates the urge to sin against Allah but guarantee His forgiveness and mercy.
The Cleric who further noted that Solat is food and purification for the soul adding that sins does nothing but poisons the soul which can only be remedied through the timely observation of the prayers.
He said Solat is a way of showing gratitude for all the favours of Allah on His slaves which further guarantee more favours from the Almighty.
“Solat is a way of showing gratitude to Allah for all His grace and mercy shown to us, Muslims should try as much as possible not to be ungrateful as showing gratitude to Allah brings more blessings especially through the regular and timely observation of the Solat”, he added.
Quoting copiously from the Qur’an and Hadith of the Prophet, the cleric narrated a story of a woman that went to Prophet Musa (AS).
“A woman approached Prophet Musa (AS) that she has sinned greatly against Allah because she killed her child after many attempts to abort it failed. She became worried and scared, wondering if she can ever be forgotten for committing such a heinous crime. But the Prophet told her to distance herself from him because the anger of Allah is upon her and he (Musa) doesn’t want to be a part of it. But later, an Angel was sent to Prophet Musa that there are some people whose sins are greater than that of the women in the sight of Allah and those are the people that abandoned their Solat without observing it”.
He also called on the people to return to Allah in total repentance as the only one that can deliver the country out of the security dilemma Nigeria has found itself. He emphasized that “Allah is a restorer of all things and He can restore the country’s glory if we return to Him and totally shun our old ways.
Imam Ahmad however challenged the people to keep their eyes on the goal of life, which is to make Jannah.
“Our souls will rejoice when we make Jannah which is the end goal of our very existence. I enjoined the Muslims not to lose focus from seeking Paradise which is the eternal bliss.
“Avoid hypocrisy like a plague because it will only destroys the society and causes rift and mistrust among people.

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