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Govt should involve religious clerics to tackle insecurity – Gbodofu

By Jimoh Sulyman
The Chief Imam of Munfa’atu Akanbi Memorial Central Mosque, Mustapha Akanbi Public Library, GRA, Ilorin Kwara state, Sheikh Muhammad-Awwal Hassan Gbodofu, has charged the Muslims to be conscious of their primary assignment on the face of earth which is the worship of Allah.
He made the call on Friday while delivering his sermon before leading the congregation in the weekly prayer that was well attended.
The Imam who quoted from the Glorious Qur’an and the Hadith (traditions) of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said Allah “Did not create the Jinns and humanity for nothing but to worship Him” adding that “the worship of Allah should be primary in the lives of every Muslims because it is what will help us in the sight of Allah and aid us to achieve our ultimate goal, which is admission into Jannah ,
He admonished the people not to be carried away amidst the flashy things of this world, emphasizing on the vanity of it all.
“Everything you see around you will cease to exist at the behest of Allah (SWT) especially when their appointed time comes.
Everything will come to pass and end in dust; it will not profit any progeny of Adam to get lost in the midst of all the vain possessions of this Dunya”.
The religious scholar harped on the need for Muslims to always be conscious of the presence of Almighty wherever they may find themselves adding that “Allah sees and takes account of our deeds both in secrecy and in the open.
Gbodofu also dissuaded the people from being arrogant because Allah loathe pride in whatever form. “Allah is against arrogance especially among youth of nowadays. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is an embodiment of humility and he’s always showing kindness to everyone, even those regarded as the lowest of lows in the society”
According him, Muslims should always show gratitude for all the favours of Allah on them especially the gift of life and health. “Giving thanks to Allah is an important aspect of our Deen, it does nothing but bring more favours from Allah. We all should remain grateful to Allah for all He has done for us especially the good health He has given to us”.
The Imam advised the people to always remember the Day of Judgment when every living thing will receive the reward and punishment for his/her deed. We all should be wary of the day of Qiyamah, it is the day we will be repaid in full for our transactions on earth”.
“Day of Qiyamah is the day that Allah will separate us all in groups, we all should ask ourselves the group we will belong to, right now that we’re still alive and well to make amendment for our actions”, said the Cleric.
Gbodofu further underscores the importance of patience to the gathering and enjoined the people to always persevere in the face of all the test that Allah throws in their ways. He stressed that “The reward for patience is Jannah and a patient person will always be on Allah’s good book and He will ever be merciful to such a person that perseveres in spite of all that he faced in his lifetime”.
He however directed the faithfuls to always rely on Allah, whenever they face any challenge in life. He stated that “We can only rely on Allah as all the people we put our trust in will only disappoint us since they’re also relying on Allah for their own sustenance “.
On insecurity, the Imam called on the government to find a lasting solution to the problem that is now raging like wildfire across the nooks and crannies of the state and suggested that the government should involve the religious clerics in tackling the problem.

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