Justice Orire’s last moment: How he rejected Doctor’s advice, removed drip for solat on sickbed

Fidau holds in Ilorin, tomorrow
By Mumini AbdulKareem
Did former Grand Khadi of Kwara State Sharia Court of Appeal, late Justic AbdulKadir Orire had premonition of his death? What were his unfulfilled dreams and why did he summoned the entire members of his family to a meeting during his last days on earth.
These and many other questions agitated the minds of many Ilorin residents since the late jurist breathed his last at his GRA residence on Tuesday in Ilorin.
Orire died on Tuesday at his GRA residence in Ilorin after a brief illness at 87. His Janazah which attracted top dignitaries in Ilorin including Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq and his deputy, Kayode Alabi was performed by the Chief Imam of Ilorin, Sheikh Muhammad Bashir Solih around past 11.00am.
Since his demise, sympathisers and mourners alike have throng the residence of the deceased to commiserate with the family and celebrate his life and times in line with family members said was the instructions he left behind.
The family has since announced his Fidau for Tuesday (tomorrow) which will climax the week long activities of lectures and prayers by scholars and religious societies in his honour.
Speaking with National Pilot on their father’s last moment, one of his sons, Musa Orire narrated thus:
“I could remember vividly the last discussion I had with Baba. He was as instrumental to the building of the Jumat mosque inside the police headquarters here in Ilorin. When the police commence their weekly congregational service there, he was invited to come and be the first Imam of the occasion, unfortunately Baba could not make it because he was sick but said I should I represent him. It was on Friday.
“Then on Monday, he was sick briefly when I came to him. I said Baba how are you feeling, he said Alhamdulillah, that was around 5pm. Not quite long about an hour after, he gave up the ghost.
Among his last words was that the family should hold ourselves and we should make sure that what serve almighty and he quoted the Quranic verse (Q…) which means Allah created us for nothing than to worship him and in every occasion we find ourselves, we should make sure we do that.
“While he was on his sick bed, he still insisted that he wants to pray, even when the nurses were saying Baba you don’t need to pray, he refused and said if I will die in the process of praying Alhamdulillah.
“Baba went to the extent of removing drip from his body anytime he was asked not to pray and even refused medication. That if Allah Almighty said his time is up, Alhamdulillah. He has been here at home for about a week now and the doctors have been coming to examine him”, he added.
Musa said “I don’t think baba has any unfulfilled dreams because he lived his life for Islam and he was of the belief that whatever happens to every human being must have been destined by Almighty Allah.
On whether he had premonition of his death, Musa said “from the discussion we had about two weeks ago, he summoned me, I just got his call that was before he got sick heavily early in the morning after Subhi prayer that I should come and he invited me with my other brothers and sisters. When he queried those that came late that what if he had died and they said Baba you will not die. But he swiftly disagreed amnd said ”what do you mean I will not die, where are my colleagues today like the late Lemu and others, they are all gone, so who am I that I can’t not die?
“In his last moments, Baba was friendly, quiet and he was smiling to everybody. That was the only thing I noticed in him. Towards his last hours, he will look at you and he will smile, he was quiet and he was….. in fact I never knew that he will go, because he was looking at everybody and he was just smiling”, he submitted,
He said the late jurist “Believed in the unity of humanity and preaches peace and harmonious coexistence of every human being irrespective of whatever religion you belong. His wish is that there should be abundant peace in Nigeria,
Meanwhile Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, former Senate President, Dr Bukola Abubakar Saraki and Speaker, Kwara State House of Assembly, Engr Danladi Yakubu-Solihu have mourned the late justice Abdulkadir Orire.
In separate statements, they described the late pioneer Grand Khadi’s death a great loss and commiserated with the people and Emir of Ilorin on the incident. The further prayed Almighty Allah to grant the deceased Jannatul Firdaous.

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