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Sunday Igboho: Nigeria faces chaos, anarchy – Adelodun

Alhaji Adebayo Adelodun (SAN) attended the Ahmadu Bello University and was called to the bar in 1983 after graduation in 1982 for his LL.B. He was appointed Notary public by the Chief Justice of Nigeria in 1995, and in the same year, he was chairman of the Ilorin branch of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA. He subsequently obtained his Masters (LL.M) from the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) in 2000 and was conferred with the rank of SAN in 2006. In this interview with ACTING EDITOR, MUMINI ABDULKAREEM, he shares his thoughts on the issue of Sunday Igboho. Excerpts;
Recently, the self-styled Yoruba activist, Sunday Igboho has been in the news lately following his ultimatum and eventual sacking the Seriki Fulani in Igangan which was also replicated in Ogun state. What do you make out of the hypothesis and narratives that has dominated the issue?
The issue is that there is no way one can legitimately support what Sunday Igboho is doing. We agree for a fact that the country is challenged seriously in terms of our security structure. But law is law and Nigeria is state that is governed by laws and people. So whatever the challenges we might be going through, it cannot be for individuals to take up the law unto their own hands. The danger is that if we continue this way, all hell will break loose. The day we came together to form a state and agreed to live under the state, that was when we donated our power to the state. So if we have issues with our security, the right thing to do is to work and get it better whether through restructuring, revamping or do whatever is necessary that will improve the situation we have on ground to enable them adequately and effectively react to the situation. But no matter the circumstance, for (any) individual(s) to now stand up and say they want to be unilaterally enforcing the law across the country, the end result will be nothing but chaos, disorder and anarchy. That is the truth.
How do you think he should be treated, should he be arrested for the violation of the constitution?
Though, that decision is left for the government to take but I strongly condemned his action and every right thinking individual should do. He ought to have been arrested but that is for the government, they are the ones to sit and decide on that.

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