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Sunday Igboho: Saint or Sinner?

By Adetunji Ayobeown
Ready or not, more Nigerians are taking over another heroic struggle. This time led by Igboho aimed at bringing respite to the people. As for the insecurity, they don’t have political reasons, perhaps good citizens don’t need any.
Igboho risked ‘himself’ in order to create a free world, but what do they give him in return? Such voluntary action against tyranny isn’t what you do and not expect normal reactions be it positive or negative, but most often, more of the latter in many sampled cases.
Here we come; ready or not any insecurity in form of banditry and kidnapping can’t be hidden anymore in determined regions, because more than ever before, more people are taking this stance. And except for glitch in the matrix, what else would anyone expect from Igangan community if not gratitude to their bold son, Sunday Igboho?
The people of Igangan community in Oyo State have come out to express gratitude to the Yoruba freedom activist, Chief Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho or Igboho Osa, for his efforts towards liberating the community and the Ibarapa people from the insecurity created by the criminal herdsmen ravaging most parts of the north and by extension to the entire country with little or no qualms from its leadership.
But for the bold confrontation of Igboho with the Seriki Fulani in the area, Salihu Abdukadir, drew the Federal Government’s irrational attention to the persistent and lamentable plights of the people which seem to have now led to a concrete promise to improve security in the area.
How did it happen? FG’s noise has replaced its silence on Nigeria’s insecurity; the story has changed or so it seems. Silence now has replaced the FG’s noise over Governor Akeredolu of Ondo and Igboho’s evictions orders and this has become of interest to many more Nigerians.
Considered literarily not possible, but literarily it is happening; the very fascinating thing about this scenario was, lack of political will by the federal and its state counterpart, that an individual or group was able to say more than expected is what many are pointing out.
It is hard to become something but one must be ready to fight and die for something if you want to stand and be known for something. Though, seen as a rebellion and siege, but street arts have integrity though many don’t want to agree to the simple truth.Peoples’ clarity of thoughts had appropriately help in dealing with unnecessary insinuations, Igboho, while addressing the crowd at Igangan, is seen to have better connection with his environment and the people than FG or the Oyo state government, an action that should have been taken by the chief security officer of the nation or the state is left to an individual who spearheaded concerns of his people.
We all can not aligned while sleeping; perhaps if other parts of the country too had some people who are not slumbering because of political calculations, relevant authorities too would be alive to their responsibilities.
It will be worth more than many weights of gold, if the blinds can open their eyes for a single minute. But I will say whether the message comes from politicians or from the street some will still say it is partisan. Obviously, food crisis is imminent in the South-West region of Nigeria due to the onslaught on farmers by the Fulani herdsmen.
FG is liken to the worst in a question to be asked by anyone, while Igboho became the best in answers given. More than touting, it seems of a consciousness that need better understanding, for this man knows what needed to be done at the right time.
How far and quickly perceptions are changing is the argument in some quarters. The likes of Igboho may truly be for our salvation, if you doubt this as well, then ask the Igangan community, and Benue people about Gana.
News now had it that forest guards and other security agents have been deployed to Ibarapa now, after Buhari’s forced meeting with state governors of Ondo and Oyo.
Some actions and reactions may or may not equal but always opposite.
This seems to have negated such theory, Ighoho’s action is seen as positive and so is that of Buhari.
It could be considered as something applaudable or something condemnable, one is at liberty anywhere one belongs on this. Though regional gangs and warlords may somehow be labelled as enemies of state but their people love and cherish them. If this is in doubt, ask Benue people about what late Gana did during his time. Igboho should never forget such.
Knowing the known and like been said on the street, ‘C-caution’.
Utmost caution is required on the part of Igboho and his men against unnecessary confrontations or too much talk. He should not allow people to troop to his residence as in a pilgrimage many had advised.
Like change agents of our time? Some felt they are necessary evils in our societies but I will say not until the power that nourish them decided otherwise. Many are quick to understand why history is hazy, but I doubt if the FG does, the last civil war is still very fresh in memories.
Proof something, words might be used to trap and not all those who flocked around are friends. Never assume target is the only target, the likes of Igboho now understood better. Thus, this has forced the FG to see things in different way and from a better angle before it turns to war between shadows, ghosts and kidnappers. Who does not know Osama bin laden to be a leader of terrorists?
Yes, may be unnecessary, while some are afraid to speak against Buhari, because of their uncertain future ambitions, someone else you least expected did.
While others may be working around it, the Yoruba nation need to do more to prove that we are not zombies, such frame of mind is working against the Nigeria nationhood and must be checked once and for all.
*Ayobrown, Senior System Analyst, National Pilot Newspaper, writes via

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