Ali Ahmad-led Assembly slams KWHA on planned N35bn loan

The 8th Kwara State House of Assembly led by Dr Ali Ahmad has slammed the current state legislature over its defence of the purported N35bn loan.
The loan was alleged approved same day the document was sent to the 9th House of Assembly by the executive arm of government.
The reaction by the 8th Assembly is contained in a statement signed by its Chairman, House Committee on Information, Honorable Abdulrafiu Abdulrahman and made available to newsmen on Friday in Ilorin, the state capital.
The 8th Assembly expressed worry over what it described blatant lies by the present Kwara State House of Assembly to “shore up its fading legitimacy while observing that the conduct of the Danladi led Assembly was demeaning of previous assemblies.
Honourable Abdulrafiu, who backed his claims with documents and details of public hearing held over the #20billion loan request under the previous administration, urged the 9th Assembly to carry on with its business as it deems fit and try and measure up with past state legislatures.
Part of the statement reads: It is out of culture and respect not to join issues with the 9th assembly despite its penchant to rubbish previous assemblies. Obviously, the release by the Hon. member was nothing but an attempt to drag down the 8th Assembly to same level of its lowly rating and lamentable lawlessness.
Nothing more can show his lies to the world but the official records of the House, the HANSARD. And that is exactly what I ll do presently:
-That the House officially received the message of His Excellency dated 18th November, 2015 on 24th November, 2015 (HANSARD Vol. Il page 158 refers)
-That at the debate the House was divided and therefore resolved that the Governor should furnish the Honourable House with detailed information, including *specific cost and location* of the projects to be embarked upon and the State debt profile (HANSSARD Vol. II page 186 refers)
-That in response to the House request, the Governor forwarded all information as requested. See
(HANSSARD Vol. II page 199 refers)
-That sequel to the available documents, the House on 18th December, 2015, resolved to call for public hearing while members are to peruse over for further discussion/debate on the subject matter with the public; but later resolved to enlarge the public hearing in order to take place not in one single location, as it is usual but in all 24 Constituencies of Kwara State! YES IN ALL CONSTITUENCIES!
(HANSSARD Vol. II page 256 refers)
-That the people’s view from the various Constituencies public hearing on the 20bn bond was juxtaposed and collated at the Committee of Supply on the 21st December, 2015. A justification that public opinion on the subject was conducted.
(HANSSARD Vol. II page 445 refers)
You are aware that a Governor is a big man and the Assembly could not have rejected the bond request without having people on its side. We swore to stay by the people, and we did, as evidenced by this event. Gov Ahmed was very creative to look for money elsewhere with zero burden on future generation of kwarans.
These are official records, and if the House would not avail members of the public, the undersigned will gladly provide the HANSARD. I have however attached snapshots of important pages hereunder. Now for other testimonies:
The expanded public hearings, which were planned to avoid manipulation and hijack, with academics financial experts, community and religious leaders and royal fathers, took place in ALL CONSTITUENCIES in the following verifiable locations:-
1. Ilorin East, Ilorin South, Ilorin North/West, and Ilorin Central Constituency*
Venue:- Sabo line, Ilorin South and a communique was released, which we still have. Imam Imale led the opening prayer.
*2 Ilesha/Gwanara Constituency*
Venue:- Open Space, Gwanara Dispensary
In attendance included Alh Maman Leman (represented the Emir of Gwanara) and Hon. Idris Buko
*3. Ipaye/Malete/Oloru & Lanwa/Ejidongari Constituency*
Venue:- Oloru
In attendance included A. I. Jimoh Ipaye, Chief Sole Oke
*4. Ekiti Constituency*
Venue:- Osi Town Hall
All the graded obas were in attendance led by Olosi of Osi.
*5. Kaiama/Kemanji/Wajibe and Gwanabe/Adena/Bani/Gwaria Constituency*
Venue:- Education Office, Kaiama
*6. Oke Ogun & Odo Ogun Constituency*
Venue:- Ilemona
Hon Muyideen Olaniyi in attendance.
*7. Ojomu/Balogun Constituency & Essay/Shawo/Igbodun Constituency*
Venue:- Olofa Palace
*8. Irepodun Constituency*
Venue:- Taiwo road, Omu-Aran
*9. Okuta/Yashikira Constituency*
Venue:- Yashikira
*10. Patigi Constituency*
Venue:- L G. Secretariat Patigi
Alh Mohammed Zubair among the attendees
*11 Isin Constituency*
Venue:- Owu-Isin
*12. Edu Constituency*
Venue:- Gbugbu
In attendance include Alh Mohammed Yinusa.
Same occurred in other constituencies.
Why the House will choose to engage in barefaced lies to shore up its fading legitimacy is understandable. The first time an expanded constituency- based interaction with the public to ever take place was during that occasion because of its importance. The 9th Assembly has opportunity not to make it the last.
Indeed what Kwarans are asking for is just a centralised, open and transparent public hearing on the N35bn bond. If the House has chosen to be on the beck and call of someone else, that’s its choice if Kwarans allow it. But no one can drag the good name of the 8th Assembly to the mud.

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