Exclusive: I invited Sunday Igboho to evict Sarkin Fulani – Ex-Oyo LG chair, ally

Aborode's assassination, political- Seriki Fulani's son

By Ahmed Ajikobi
More facts have continued to emerge over the recent ethnic crisis that engulfed Igangan in Ibarapa Local Government Area of Oyo State, which led to killings and wanton destruction of property.
Former chairman of ibarapa local government, hon. Tunji Janbele, on Sunday opened up on the events that led to the crisis.
In a telephone interview with our reporter, on Saturday the ex- council boss, said he personally invited Sunday over to Igangan to help in evicting the Sarkin Fulani.
He said the invitation became necessary going by the rising rate of heinous crimes allegedly perpetrated by the Fulani people in the area and what he described as nonchalance of security agents over the matter.
He, however, pointed out that he didn’t call for war but wanted Sunday Igboho to flush out criminal elements among the Fulani people.
“So many people had invited Sunday to Igangan over the issue, which was not honoured. But, when I heard that he went to Kishi to intervene in the problem confronting the community and was able to resolve it. And because, we are also facing problem of kidnapping, I decided to invite him so as to help us too.
“I decided to call for his help on Igangan kidnapping. Not to fight Fulanis but to flush out the criminals that are kidnapping our people, killing our farmers among other nefarious activities. We sent letters to all the security agencies in that area but no step have been taken by them.”
Janbele alleged that the Seriki Fulani and his men were terrorising farmers because of their cos business.
He, however, claimed not to know much about the duo of Taye and Kehinde Adeowo who are currently cooling their heels in Police net, over cases of kidnap.
“If the police wants to do thorough investigation they should go and interrogate them at the prison.
“I don’t know much about them (Taye and Kehinde). They only bought car from me because I’m into car business of which they paid instalmentally. Seriki Fulani too use to buy car from me. The burnt Lexus of Seriki Fulani was sold to him by me. His son came to me with Toyota (muscle) and swapped it with Lexus and he also paid on instalment.
“All I know is that the duo has been arrested for kidnapping.”
Janbele explained that all he did was in the interest of the community.
“The killing of Dr Aborode and others who lost their lives in the hand of the Fulanis, and other crimes, informed my invitation to Sunday Igboho,” he stressed
However, in his reaction to the allegation,
Seriki Fulani, Solihu Abdulqadir, said he assisted the police to arrest Taiye and Kehinde.
According to him, he gave the police the information that led to the arrest of the duo during their negotiation with the victim’s family over ransom.
He claimed that most of the crimes that the Fulanis of Igangan were accused of were perpetrated by the Yoruba people in the area.
Also speaking to this medium, son of Seriki Fulani, Ibrahim Saliu, also speaking exonerated his kinsmen from the alleged killing of one Dr. Aborode, saying it was politically motivated
He said the politician was killed when he was about decamping to Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from ADC”.
“His death came as a shock to me because I was close to him. He had very cordial relationship with Fulani family to the extent that, he call Fulani to do harvesting for him and to bring their cows to eat grasses after harvesting. It is Fulanis that guard his farm.”
He further said that only four Yoruba people were kidnapped in Igangan and the whole of Ibarapa local government while more than 14 Fulani were kidnapped and three killed.

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