Oyo Crisis: Shasha residents live in fear of reprisal attacks

Residents of Akinyele Local Government Area of Ibadan have continued to live in fear over possible reprisal despite closure of Shasha market.
An ethnic clash at the market has reportedly left one person
The market was closed by the Oyo state government on Saturday after an ethnic clash claimed the life of a cobbler and with property destroyed.
Apesin Isaac, a trader in the market who spoke to newsmen, said the crisis began on Thursday after the cobbler, who was Yoruba, was stabbed by a Hausa man who used wheelbarrow to help people convey their goods from the market to the main road.
According to him, the cobbler was mediating between the Hausa vendor in the market and a pregnant woman. He said the Hausa wheelbarrow pusher got enraged after the cobbler tried to stop him from attacking the woman. The disagreement was over the amount of money the woman would pay for services rendered by the vendor. According to Isaac, Friday’s clash was not the first between Yoruba and Hausa traders in the market.
Although calm has returned to the area after the market was shut by the state government, Isaac said government action was not enough to quench the hatred both ethnic groups have for each other. He also blamed security forces for taking sides when they arrived at the scene of the crisis.

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